How does Telemachus change through Telemachaei?

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 How does Telemachus change through Telemachaei?

To begin with, we meet Telemachus in book1 when Athena (goddess of wisdom) decided to visit Odysseus’ son.  The great Odysseus is in need of rescue and the gods have decided that it is time that the kleos (fame and glory that is often achieved in battle but is passed down from father to son). Telemachus is sent by Athena to build up his and his father’s kleos.  Telemachus is described as constantly “daydreaming” about his long last father whilst 108 suitors take liberty on his xenia.  We know Telemachus is favourable by the Gods straight way. We know this as when Athena comes knocking on his palace door, disguised as a family friend, he is more than welcoming. His hosting skills define him as well as his morals. With wise words of a mission from Athena, Telemachus beings to question the behaviour of the suitors which leave him “ashamed”.
Still in book 1, we see a glimpse of Telemachus’ loyalty and anger. With his mum crying selfishly over the bard, Phemius, singing about the death of Troy. Penelope, Telemachus’ mother, is described as “selfish” due to her crying over her husband. Telemachus reminds her that she was not the only one to loose someone and that Phemius should continue entertaining the suitors with his song. Although he snaps at his mother, this truly foreshadows the importance of the coming events. Telemachus is about to help the great kleos obtained by his father in this 10 year battle. The misery of Penelope over the loss of her husband’s shows how she is unable to get over his lost, even after though it’s been 20 years. He leaves his mother in tears as he leaves. Telemachus ponders over Athena’s words of wisdom thus showing the influences of a Goddess already.

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Book two shows Telemachus believing more in his father; however he still hasn’t come out of his royal shell. He takes Athena’s advice and dresses like Odysseus. With war-like attire, he assembles the suitors. An angry speech later leaves the suitors in shock. This shows Telemachus’ dominance and how easily influenced he is. Finally Telemachus decides to put the suitors in their place with shows real potential to his confidence growing. The suitors decided to blame Penelope for their extended stay by her excessive teasing as well as false promises. Telemachus refuses to believe their words as he stays loyal ...

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