'Is Odysseus a Superman, or is he an ordinary like any other? What do you think?'

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Emma Bright                                               ‘The Odyssey’                                                  Yr 10 English

‘Is Odysseus a Superman, or is he an ordinary like any other? What do you think?’

Odysseus; the strong and brave god-like warrior in the Trojan War, who also possesses characteristics such as compassion, loyalty and talent as an orator, which makes him such a influential character within Homer’s novel: The Odyssey. The book, depicting the Adventures of Odysseus’s misfortune, and the journey through which he must get home to reclaim his life, land and his dear wife, portrays Odysseus as the central character with the unmatchable strength and abilities. But do Odysseus’s remarkable qualities classify him as a Superman, and by what means do we exactly class as a Superman? In my mind, a characteristic of Superhuman qualities is one which is that or beyond a normal humans. Therefore, we may classify Odysseus’s characteristics as either of superhuman quality, or that like of a normal human beings.

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Odysseus’s physical strength is one of his most remarkable and powerful qualities, which we come to learn of. It is because of this great strength, which allows him to throw the biggest discuss as the Phaeacian Games, hurtling it through the air where it landed far beyond the others.

Book VIII ‘The Phaeacian Games’

‘With this he leapt to his feet and, not even troubling to remove his cloak, picked up the biggest disk of all, a huge weight, more massive by far that those used in their regular matches. With one swing he launched it from his mighty ...

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