To what extent do you think that Odysseus does things entirely his own way?

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To what extent do you think Odysseus does things entirely in his own way? [45]

In the Odyssey, Odysseus is headstrong and is very clever in problematic situations. Odysseus does do things entirely in his own way; there are moments where divine help was needed.

Odysseus is cunning and is stubborn once he has his mind set on something. An example of this is when Odysseus, alone, thought up of a rescue plan when he and his crew were trapped in Polyphemus’, the cyclops, cave.  Due to his hubris, needing to be recognised for his action to gain kleos, Odysseus brags and taunts the cyclops, disregarding the wishes of his crew who don’t want to remain in the cave and plead him not to anger the cyclops further which did not dissuade him. This was a chance for him to be remembered as the one who tricked the cyclops.

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Another example is when Odysseus confronts Scylla and Charybdis. Circe advice and warns Odysseus to not fight Scylla, as she is immortal, and stay close to her and push on. Instead Odysseus decides to arm himself and not inform his men of what awaits them, to avoid panic, even though it may cost the lives of six men rather than risk the loss of his entire ship in the whirlpool of Charybdis.

Additionally, in Book 5, when Odysseus encounters Ino, who tries to help him off the raft that he clung to during the storm made by Poseidon, he ...

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