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What qualities and features in your opinion make Oedipus Rex an example of Greek tragedy at its best?

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What qualities and features in your opinion make Oedipus Rex an example of Greek tragedy at its best? Oedipus Rex is a classic example of Greek tragedy mainly because it does exactly what it is meant to do. It follows the correct patterns of a classic Greek tragedy and deals with major issues. In terms of Oedipus being a Greek tragedy at is best is a matter of opinion but if this the case the reason for this would be because of the issues that it deals with. Reversal and recognition are the main areas to look at which make the tragedy so dramatic and thus give the greatest effect as being a classic example of Greek tragedy at its best. The issue s that it concentrates on vary from knowledge to religion, thus it covers a wide spectrum of important key areas in the ancient Greek way of life, and this is what may make it so effective, as classic Greek tragedy at its best. ...read more.


Says makes a play are present in the Tragedy, but there are other reasons for the success and qualities of this play. The success in a Greek Tragedy must come in the crowds reaction and feeling towards the play. Thus the emotions stressed in the play must be bought out in the crowd whilst they are watching the play. This is where the issues that the play deals with are bought in so as to produce this feeling among the crowd. The important factor in looking at the issues in Oedipus Rex is that they are very relevant issues in accent Greek times and thus they will have a much larger impact on the crowd since they can relate to the issues and how they effect a person. The issues that Oedipus Rex deals with are numerous. Firstly knowledge and ignorance. Oedipus who is meant to be very knowledgeable is also considerably ignorant because of his knowledge. ...read more.


to include the welfare of the people, or the relationship between people and ruler, to try and show a relation in the accent Greece at that time. Sight and blindness is an issue as Oedipus blinds him self to finally see. This is an important message that what you see is not always the truth. Trust another important issue is shown between creon and Oedipus. The trust wavers but as at the beginning the trust that Oedipus had in creon to go to Delphi returns to him at the end when he asks him to look after his children. At the core of every tragedy is pain and suffering and this is what the crowds want to see. Oedipus rex has prime examples of this in the learning of the crime that he has committed, the insestual element, and the blindness and realization of what he has become. Thus Oedipus rex contains all that is need to make a classic example of Greek tragedy. ...read more.

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