Which 3 gods Do You Think Were Most Important to the Greeks

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Which 3 Gods Do You Think Were The Most Important

To The Greeks?

        I think Zeus is one of the most important gods if not the most important, in Greek religion.

Zeus was born son of Cronos and Rhea, but Cronos who had learned of  a prophecy that said one of his children would overthrow him – had consumed all of his children at birth, except for Zeus who Rhea had saved. She bore him away to a tiny island where he was raised by nymphs and goats. Upon growing up, he returned and faced his father. He poisoned Cronos and all of his brothers and sisters emerged from him, unharmed. Zeus united with them and led a revolt against Cronos and the Titans. The Olympian gods eventually won, and Cronos and the Titans were banished and imprisoned. Zeus then shared out his power with his siblings, he became the god of the sky and weather and was also in charge of ensuring fate had her way. Zeus was soon to become known as the `supreme ruler`, he became King of the god's. He was also the god of strangers  and guests and was called `zeus xenios`, as well as being the protector of the state `zeus polieus`.

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        In Greek art he is often portrayed as being an older bearded man, sometimes sat upon a throne, and holding either a sceptre thunderbolt, and wearing an Aegis, breastplate or a cloak. And sometimes he is shown with an eagle, as he was believed to be King of Birds.

        Zeus controls every aspect of the universe, he helps to fulfill fate and he had scales which he used to determine a man's fate. He was associated with the oak tree at Dodona, which gave portents of the future. Equally Zeus was as famous for his powers as he was for ...

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