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A computer system consists of two parts: hardware and software

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ICT A computer system consists of two parts: hardware and software Software is the name given to the programs, which enable the computer to do a useful task. Devices used to get data from the outside world into the computer are called input devices. Peripheral devices are devices that are connected to the computer and under the control of the computer. ...read more.


A joystick is used primarily with games software. With a voice recognition system a microphone is used as the input device. The input device used to scan in text and images is called a scanner. Cameras that can transfer an image directly to a computer are called digital cameras. ...read more.


A cheaper printer, which squirts a jet of ink at the paper is called ink-jet printer. There are two types of memory: one retains data when the power is removed and is called ROM; the other loses data when the power is turned off and is called RAM. ROM is classed as non-volatile whilst RAM is classed as volatile. Dvd can store more data than a CD-ROM and is used to store films as well as data. ...read more.

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