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Blake Evans - My writing style.

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Blake Evans Assn. #1 1st draft My writing style has been described as strange or abstract, and it sounds like I'm talking not writing, with big words thrown in just for fun. I can agree with this definition but it's more than that and less, in a way. The way I write an essay, let's say for school, I use no notes or webs to look to for information. I just start typing on the keyboard and let the words flow threw my finger tips touching the keys and eventually getting converted into 127 beautiful characters, ASCII for short. Then they appear on the screen how they get there, is more complicated than most people think, lots of time and money was spend to figure out how to convert people "typing" to letters that appear on the screen. ...read more.


When the operating system is notified that there is data from the keyboard, a number of things can happen. The keyboard can check for OS commands like Ctrl+Alt+Del or give power of the keyboard to another program. Once the keyboard data is identified as either system-specific or application-specific, it is processed. The really amazing thing is how quickly all of this happens. As I type this article, there is no observable time lapse between my fingers pressing the keys and the characters appearing on my monitor. When you think about everything the computer is doing to make each single character appear, it is simply bizarre. And printing is even more complicated, but back to my writing. When I am letting the words pour out of my hands and into the data flow I begin to realize that I am I getting off subject, which happens a lot when I'm writing. ...read more.


Going on about nothing for me gives my brain a chance to think most of the time I erase this blabber, but sometimes I keep it if it's not too off subject. I like the writers that write amendments and other important documents because they are so bland and machine like, never stopping. This is almost the opposite of my writing because my writing includes many syntax errors and spelling mistakes. But it gives me in depth information about the information. If it's fun to read, I will get into the story too much, but if the writing is more mechanical I can just get the facts, which is what you want when you are writing essays. I contribute my writing in the effort of not being mechanical, making mistakes which can be interpreted in many ways and most of all sometimes I leave in the blabber which is my thought process, this makes the essay more important. ...read more.

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