BTEC National in IT Organisational systems security - Policies and guidelines for IT security (P4)

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Policies and guidelines for IT security

Disaster recovery policies:

This is an action plan if you will of what employees will do as result of a certain disaster. These disasters may include things such as; theft, fire, flood, human error or hardware failure. The recovery policy is put in place to ensure that if such an event occurs the organisation can function as normal again as quickly as possible. There are several things you should consider when designing your disaster recovery policy. What storage media are you going to use will depend on two main factors, how much data needs to be stored and how quickly are you going to need to retrieve this data. Where you store the backup media, you can either store the backups on site which will mean you can retrieve the backups as quickly as possible but makes them vulnerable, or you can store the backup media off-site which makes them more secure but increases the time it takes to retrieve it. Furthermore you may decide to upload your data to the cloud server of a trusted and respected data storage company, this will mean that you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection and your data is safe from on-site disasters. Normally data storage companies with cloud servers store your data in two separate locations to ensure that if a disaster occur on their site your data is still intact, secure and available to you.

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Updating of security procedures:

The security procedure should reflect the technology used, if the procedure is not on par with the level of technology used then the security procedure will be flawed. The procedures must be regularly reviewed and updated, these updates need to reflect what was outlined to be improved in the review and needs to be in date with current knowledge on security threats. However, the update may have a negative impact on the existing systems and so should be tested before applied to the entire organisations systems. Your security procedure should include things such as; never ...

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