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Computer Subsystems - The internal bus architecture

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Computer Subsystems. Task 1 a) The internal bus architecture It is a collection of wires, which the data is transmitted from one part to the other. The internal bus connects all the internal computer components to the CPU and main memory. There are two parts of any bus these are an address bus and the data bus. The size of the bus is measured in width. This is important because it determines the amount of data being transmitted. For example a 16 bit bus can transmit 16 bits of data. Nearly all the PC's today include a local bus for which is needed for faster processing for things such as video data. ...read more.


At the beginning of a program the Program Counter is set to point at the memory location where the start of the program can be found. After the first instruction has been loaded, the Program Counter is incremented to point at the next instruction, which is then loaded during the next Fetch Decode Execute cycle. The Memory Address Registry (MAR) holds the data or instruction currently being worked out. The Main Memory is where everything is stored on the computer. Every memory address has data or an instruction. The Memory Buffer Registry (MBR) holds the data that was either written to or read from the main memory. ...read more.


And the operating system acts like a translator: enabling the computer's hardware and software to talk to 'foreign' hardware such as printers, scanners and mice. It also allows the application software to 'talk' to the computer hardware. The fetch decode and execute cycle is used with the operating system to control programs and such by the CPU fetching a program from Main Memory decoding it so it can be run by the computer. The computer then starts running the program and it then fetches more of the code and brings it to be run then it does this until the program is closed. ...read more.

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