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Data Modelling & Data Structures.

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Data Modelling & Data Structures Unit6 Element 6.1 By Nicky Wilson GNVQ Advanced IT Action Plan 4/5/95 - 9/5/95 Received assignment which is to cover element 3.1 all PCs. My initial task is to Gather all relevant information on the basic data structures for storage and retrieval. I will research through lecture notes and the books BTEC Information Technology, BTEC in Computing, File structures theory and practice, as well as to search through the CD ROM Groliers Encyclopaedia. Take notes on any relevant Information 9/5/95 - 11/5/95 Research information on the way that Basic data structures are analysed for different applications. Research through above books and CD ROM's and take relevant notes. 11/5/95 13/5/95 Find out about logical and physical file organisation, with regards to PC3 Element 6.1 of the log book. Take notes on relevant Information. 13/5/95 - 15/5/95 16/5/95 18/5/95 Research information using methods as above with regards to how the physical file organisation is analysed in relation to different media, PC4. Make notes Research information to cover PC 5, which needs me to explain location and access methods. Use literature as above 19/5/95 Word process first draft, and take to tutor for first review After outcome of first review take tutors advice accordingly. 20/5/95 Check work to see if any important facts have been omitted, ask Tutor for a second review. After outcome of second review finalise any missing facts. Word process final draft, check the work for mistakes and hand in finished report for 1/6/95 Nicky Wilson GNVQ Advanced IT Investigate data Structure for storage and Retrieval Element 6.1 Introduction The report will analyse basic data structures for different applications and physical file organisation in relation to different media. ...read more.


Files are made up by a number of logical records. 1 Dimensional array Dimensional array Field Record Record Record Record Record Problem must contain the same type of information Each box of array can only store the same type of Information Retrieval: All structure storage and retrieval vary from structure to structure. It may use a tree, to extract information from a tree the name given is traversing the tree or tree walking, for simplicity we will use binary trees. The reason for this is that each node can only have two branches. Left Subtree Node Right Subtree A B C D E F G Inorder Traversal: Traverse the left subtree, visit the node. Traverse the right subtree. = DBEEAFCG Preorder Traversal Start at Node A Traverse the left Subtree. = ABDECFG Post Order Traversal Traverse the left Traverse the right Return to the Root. (Node) = DEBFGCA. Searching For searching list and array structures. Compilation: is the process of translating a High level language into machine code (Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN) There are 3 main steps * Lexical * Syntax Analysis Data structures is what we are interested in * Code generation Lexical analysis: This involves breaking the input to the compiler into chunks, also known as tokens Syntax Analysis: This involves checking whether the input tokens form valid sentences when put together. This process is known as parsing. The second process of syntax analysis involves determining the values of arithmetic expressions. Code Generation: The final stage of the compilation process, where the machine code is generated. Methods of Syntax Analysis Parse trees can be used to evaluate whether a statement has the correct syntax < CAR REGISTRATION < LETTER > < DIGIT > < DIGIT > < DIGIT > ...read more.


The way I approached the assignment was as such, first of all I researched Information from the books Information Technology by Roger Carter, BTEC Computer Studies, Information Processing BTEC, A level BTEC and first degree computing. The next process was to decide which way, was the best way to try and cover the PCs and ranges for the unit were covered. Eventually I reached the conclusion that it would be easier for me to work through the PCs in the order that they appear in the log book. Thus starting with PC1. The other way I thought of approaching the assignment was to start by doing PC1 first but to try and bring in other elements of the ranges in accordingly. The reason why I opted out of doing it this way was because I thought that it would make it more difficult. The way that I tried to checked the validity of the Information was by, trying to compare the information that I had it with the different books and CD ROM's to see if it was correct. This way proved hard. In my opinion it is hard to judge the validity of the information for this assignment, because certain areas relating to this subject is hard to find a wide range of Information on. I have not done the work as instructed on my action plan, I have had reviews by tutor earlier than stated in my action plan, the reason for this is because I have other assignments that need completing. If any criticism is to be applied to my work, I feel that I have not gone into depth with certain parts of the assignment, but elaborated too much on other areas. ...read more.

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