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Definition-nature of the problem solved - Car Mechanic business

Extracts from this document...


Contents Contents 1 Definition-nature of the problem solved 3 Description of Business 3 Current Method Used 3 Data Flow of Current System 5 Inefficiencies and Problems 6 Origins and Forms of Data 7 Initial Problem Definition 7 Investigation and Analysis 8 Methods of Fact Finding 8 Interview Notes 9 4.6 Current Data Structures 11 4.7 Requirements Specification 12 Output requirements 12 4.8 Agreement to Requirements 14 4.9 Alternate Solutions 14 4.10 Limitations of Chosen Solution 16 Design 17 Nature of the Solution 17 5.1.1 Objectives 17 5.1.2 System Structure 18 Design of Forms 19 Design of Reports 22 Design of Mail Merged Letters 23 Design of Data Capture Forms 24 Relationships 24 ERD- Entity Relationship Diagram 24 TRD- Table Relationship Diagram 24 Table Designs 25 Query Designs 25 Data Dictionary 28 System Security 33 Data Security 34 Intended Benefits 34 Limits and scope 35 Time Line 36 Software Development 37 Input, Output and processing printouts 37 Queries 40 Data Structures 40 Definition-nature of the problem solved Description of Business * Willcare is an independent car mechanic business. The business located near the owner's home where there are a number garages available. It is a small service business promoted by the owner and has been running around 20 years. The owner may employ some workers for a specific job, but usually works alone on a variety of jobs. A separate outlet provides supplies when they are needed. * The main aim of the business is to provide an alternative for customers who don't like the treatment from there local dealerships. The owner feels that people would prefer a face-to-face meeting with him to discuss their problem and says he prefers talking to clients personally rather than through a system because it helps create trust. His business also aims to give an equal amount of customer satisfaction to all those using the business. Also, to make sure that the companies recognition grows, so that more people are aware of what it has to offer. ...read more.


This will be useful because it will allow quicker access when the user wants to use a different part of the system. Each customer's details will be filled in the shown boxes and various pieces of the information will be validated to make sure it is correct within the laws of the system. The most important aspect of this page will be the member ID. Each customer will be given a unique number that will be used to look him or her up through the system. The owner may feel, however that giving all his current customers a number for the system would alienate them and waste company time. Therefore I may only use member ID's for new customers and use a different look up method for existing customers e.g. their D.O.B. For the customers D.O.B entry I will use a combo box method so data input can be sped up. This form also includes a link to "Add a Job". This button will allow the user, once they have entered the details to go straight to the job form so they can choose what they want done and find out the estimated price. The post code is an important way to identify customers legitimately and will contain a validation making sure it is accurately filled in. During my interview with the company owner I learned he would require the system to produce an output in the form of a receipt. To quickly produce the receipt using a mail merge technique the produce a receipt button will create the receipt for the job currently recognised in the form entry. If this is not the required job for the customer, the user can search for a different one using the view customer job button. The maintenance menu includes a link to job prices and a supplier list. These are options that are likely to be scarcely used. ...read more.


This table allows the data from both of these tables to be stored together, with a one to many relationship leaving the table in both directions. This will be shown later in the Relationship Diagram. Here you can see both the Job ID and Part ID present both classified as numbers under the data type. The JobPartsID field now acts as an autonumber for this table so that the two pieces of data can be classified together. This will allow the production of receipts and other printouts to be faster and more accurate. Part_TBL This table follows the same patterns as the previous two in that the ID, in this case Part is the primary key and an auto number. The price field uses the data type currency. This will automatically fill the cell with a pound sign when data is entered. It will help in calculations within the database and provide quicker usage for the user when filling in forms. Supplier ID is present as well so that the user can see which supplier supplies them with a specific part. Supplier_TBL My final table contains information about the company's suppliers. The table contains a part name and part ID field that will link to the parts table. The data types remain similar to those in the previous tables to keep a constant style throughout the system. It helps to keep the system less complicated for the user and helps problems become apparent quickly. Field Name Description of Contents Type of Validation Expected Supplier ID Unique number to distinguish between suppliers. No duplicates. No number higher than those of listed suppliers. Supplier Name Name of supplier Required Part ID Number to classify a certain part No duplicates. Relationship Diagram Here are the five tables described above presented in their relationship format. There are only one to many relationships present because the Job Parts table has acted as a link table between the Job and Parts tables which were previously a many to many relationship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Simon Rubery TG2 Candidate Number-9145 I.CT Project 2516 Centre Number-20309 Page 1 of 46 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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