Describe the Organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park

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Describe the organisation and work of people at Bletchley

Bletchley Park was the wartime station of the Government Code and Cipher School. It was organized into several huts and stations where different activities took place. Bletchley Park was the home to Britain’s best code breakers and during the Second World War its main purpose became to break the German Enigma code, in order to help the Allied troops defeat Hitler.

Bletchley Park was referred to by its code name, Station X and it was the base for code breaking. The Y stations were a number of wireless stations found all over Britain and in countries over seas. These stations intercepted messages and sent them back to Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park needed a structured system in which it could easily operate. An organization scheme was first proposed by Gordon Welchman. Welchman created huts in which different teams worked towards the cracking of the Enigma. The Army and the Air force intelligence were located in Hut 3 and the Naval Intelligence in Hut 4. The Army and Air force code breaking teams were situated in Hut 6 and the naval code breaking in Hut 8.

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The huts operated in pairs. Hut 6 worked to decipher Army and Air Force coded messages and was supported by the team in Hut 3 who turned the dycphered messages into intelligence reports. Hut 8 did the same thing as Hut 6 but decoded messages from the German Navy with Hut 4 its associated intelligence hut. Gordon Welchman was the head of Hut 6 and was also run by his fellow mathematician John Jeffreys. By 1943 more than 450 people were working in Hut 6.

In Hut 8, Alan Turing one of the greatest mathematicians and code ...

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