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I am going to design the spreadsheet for a company called 'The Grand Theatre'

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I have been asked to produce a working spreadsheet of a electronic Ticket Recording System I am going to design the spreadsheet for a company called 'The Grand Theatre'. The Grand Theatre is a musical theatre based in Montgomery Park, Belfast. The company shows two productions every month, each of them lasting two weeks. The two productions are 'The Pirates of Portstewart' and 'The Marriage of Roberto'. Due to the theatre market changing rapidly I am going to implement a computerised ticketing system for all the monthly production sales. This will prove to be a much faster and easier method of management information. There are a range of tickets available which vary in price depending where your seat is: Adult Senior Citizen Student Child Front Stalls �12.00 �8.00 �9.00 �6.00 Back stalls �15.00 �10.00 �11.25 �7.50 Circle �18.00 �12.00 �13.75 �9.00 Gallery �20.00 �13.50 �15.00 �10.00 There is a discount offered by the theatre of 10% for parties of 10 or more people and also for productions for Monday or Tuesday. ...read more.


The Grand Theatre has produced an expected income for both productions. They are as follows: Front Stalls �1200.00 Back stalls �1500.00 Circle �1300.00 Gallery �1300.00 The Grand Theatre has also drawn up a list of expenses for both productions. They are as follows: Salaries �1790.00 Costumes �480.00 Overheads �145.00 Staging �980.00 Lighting �250.00 Sound �475.00 The Grand Theatre will be looking for a spreadsheet that will be simple to use and one that makes processing easy to do. Processing that will be carried out will include: Calculating the number of tickets sold Output that will be required will be included in the management report. This will be in the form of reports and graphs. Calculations I will be using the following formulas and lookups to aid in designing the spreadsheet: * IF Statement * VLookups * =SUM Complex Features During the process of the spreadsheet I will be using a number of complex features. They include: * Macros - these will help navigate through the spreadsheet with buttons. * Drop down lists - these lists display all of the available choices to the user so that they can click on their preference. ...read more.


Menu page 2. Marriage of Roberto 3. Pirates of Portstewart 4. Totals/Reports for both productions 5. Data/Lookups for named cells/ranges The Menu page will have buttons linking to each sheet using Macros. When a user clicks on one of these buttons they should be taken to the correct page. The two productions will have information such as number of tickets for adults, children, students and senior citizens. The seating area will be chosen with the use of a drop down list. The payment method will also be used as a drop down list. The forth page will be the Totals/Reports. In this page will be my overall income and profit as well as the Best Production sales and whether or not they exceeded the expected income or not. The fifth page will be the Data/Lookups where I will have the Appendix B - Ticket Prices as well as Expected Income and Expenses. These can be used to name cells and ranges for use with Lookups and Drop down Lists. As well as all this I will have to do a number of Graphs which will consist of bar charts and pie charts. They will give a better view of which production made the most income. ...read more.

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