Investigate Data Communications.

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Communications & Networking

Investigate Data Communications

Unit 3 Element 3.1

Assignment 1

By Nicky Wilson

GNVQ Advanced IT

Action Plan



Received assignment which is to cover element 3.1 all PCs. My initial task is

to gather all relevant information on telecommunication authorities, the types

of connectivity and network services. I will research through the books A

level BTEC First degree computing , the book Data and Computer

Communications as well as to search through the CD ROM on Groliers

Encyclopedia. As well as lecture notes. Take notes on any relevant




Research information on the devices and modes of data communications.

research through above books and CD ROM's and take relevant notes.

-5- 95


Find out about devices and modes of data communication, look through

magazines in resource center and various pc magazines for relevant

Information, as well as above literature. Take notes on relevant information.







Research information on data communications protocol parameters, by above

literature make notes.

Make notes on the use of data communications and network services,

analysing them to determining devices, modes of data communications,

transmission rate and protocol parameters.

Word process first draft, and take to tutor for first review

0-5-95 -


After outcome of first review take tutors advice accordingly.

3-4-95 -


Make sure to check work to see if any important facts have been omitted,

ask Tutor for a second review. After outcome of second review finalise any

missing facts. Word process final draft, check the work for mistakes and

hand in finished report for the 19-5-95


KNOTT, G (1993) A level, BTEC & First Degree Computing

WAITES, N Business Education Publisher ltd 1990

STALLINGS, W (1993) Data & Computer Communications, Third Edition

Macmillan Publishing Company 1991

PC USER February & March 1995




S.M.H. COLLINS (1988, 1994) Dictionary of computing, 2nd Edition

Nicky Wilson

Advanced GNVQ


Unit 3 Assignment 1


In this report i will outline telecommunications authorities, types of connectivity, network services, the devices

used and modes of data communications. The report will also describe transmission media, standards for data

communications and data communications protocol parameters. It will also show an analysis of uses of data

communications and network services, determining the devices, mode, transmission rate and protocol


For communicating today you have to have certain standards these are the telecommunications standard setting

authorities, and public telecommunications authorities


The ISO / OSI model is the International standards Organisation/ Open system Interconnection layered

architecture that defines how computers and networks should interact. This group was founded in 1946 and has

issue more than 5000 standards on a wide range of areas. Its purpose is to promote the development of

standardisation and related activities to facilitate international exchange of goods and services. Standards have

been made to cover items from screw threads to solar energy's


This is the AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE organisation which specifies computer and

software standards, including those of high level programming languages. They are a non profit government

federation of standards - making and standards using organisations. It has a wide range of members which

include professional societies, trade associations, government and regulatory bodies, industrial companies and

consumer groups. ANSI publishes national standards but does not develop them, standards are developed by

other groups that are accredited to develop standards for ANSI consideration. A lot of this work is done by the

Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), who developed the IEEE 802 local area networks standards.



International committee that defines out communications protocols and standards. This body standards are set

mainly to do with modems, faxes, data communication formats ( The way that data is passed between the


Public Telecommunications Authorities

British Telecom

Under the British Telecommunications act 1981 the functions of the post office were divided between two

separate organizations. The post office retained control of postal services and BT formally British Telecom was

created to provide a telecommunication service. BTs obligations under its operating license include the

provision of universal telecommunications serviced, a service in rural areas, and essential services, e.g. public

call boxes and emergency services. This is a star network, it is Public switched Data Network, who provide a

service for its customers throughout the UK .


Mercury communications is licensed to provide national and international telecommunications services for

residential and business customers. These services utilize the digital network created by Mercury. Mercury can

also provide other services. They provide public and private telephone services, international packet services,

national and international telex, electronic messaging, electronic mail and access to telex via a PC. Data network

services and customer equipment

Types of Connectivity

In computer network communications a group of devices is interconnected so that devices can communicate and

share resources. for example the branch office computers of a company might be interconnected so that they can

pass information to one another quickly, a company may want there computers to be interconnected so that they
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can all share the same hard disk.

local are network LAN & Wide Area Network (WAN)

A network combined to one building with work stations which are usually microcomputers distributed in different

rooms is called a LAN, the systems are connected by wires and which is restricted to a limited geographical

area. An example of the use of local area network is in the computing department in Yorkshire Coast college,

where approx. 16 386PC are all linked to a file server.

A computer network where the systems are connected ...

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