Name and explain the type of information that the company's MIS can provide to help the supervisors on the factory floor, the manager of each factory and the executives of the company.

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( I ) Name and explain the type of information that the company’s MIS can provide to help the supervisors on the factory floor, the manager of each factory and the executives of the company.

MIS is a formal information network that uses Electronic Data Processing and Data Communications capabilities to provide management with information necessary for decisions making.

Its aim is to provide information at the right time, tight cost and with a great degree of accuracy.

Executives (Top Level)

The Executives are accountable for the overall management of the organisation. Middle management implements top management goals. Supervisors direct the actual work of the organisation at the operating level.

Manager (Middle Level)

In contrast, managers spend most of their time on the functions of planning and organising. The manager determines the mission and sets the goals for the organisation. Manager’s primary function is long-range planning.

Supervisors (lower level)

Activities are carried out as a result of directive from middle level management. It provides the foundation to the data processing for the whole organisation. Any fault in the system will affect the entire decision making of the Middle and Top levels

Management. Supervisor’s major functions emphasize directing and controlling the work of employees in order to achieve the team goals. Most of the supervisor's time is allocated to the functions of directing and controlling.

( II )In your opinion, what type of information should the company has available, over its Internet Intranet, and it’s Extranet. 


Internet is a worldwide collection of interconnected networks. The company should have information about company’s background, special offers, news letters and financial information.


Intranets promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas and provide a single, secure, reliable access to a company’s private information. An intranet improves a company’s ability to manage its information and it can also streamline document distribution. Intranets can result in higher productivity because of better access to quality information. They also allow reuse of existing information and can reduce the cost of information sourcing, printing and distribution.

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In some large companies intranets are used as the primary way for employees to obtain and share work-related documents, share knowledge, collaborate on designs, access e-learning and learn about company news.


Then it is an extranet. Extranets are networks that connect companies with customers and partners. When it comes to extranets, a company has to work with the other organizations on the network, so that it’s available to specific people or groups outside of an organization. Extranets require more security and technical consideration because they have to send private information securely over public networks.

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