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Produce a fully functional and well documented spreadsheet that solves a problem.

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"Online Direct Computers" ASSIGNMENT TASK For this task we were asked to produce a fully functional and well documented spreadsheet that solves a problem. A SUMMARY OF "ONLINE DIRECT COMPUTERS" The company sells to small corner shops in the east midlands. All the sales to shops are currently recorded on an order form that will be processed in the company's main office. They use calculators to find out the total cost. They have a total of four company reps that they use to deliver orders and take new orders if required. Each of the rep carries a number of documents including order forms and a catalogue including a price list. The current system used to take orders can no longer handle the increasing quantity of trade and a new system is required. The company decided to solve this problem by giving each rep a laptop computer. A package will be installed into the laptops to process the data. The company will require the following features in the package: * An automated order form to replace the current one. * A database containing each item of stock. * A facility to update the sales sheet. * A summary sheet to raise the stock order from the warehouse so they can be delivered on the next round. * A total sales sheet so it is possible to view any commission earned by the rep. * A home page that can be used to navigate to the other pages. * An option to print so there is hard evidence of the documents. CURRENT METHODS USED * All of the sales to the shops are manually recorded on an order form that is processed in the main office. * The reps use calculators to calculate the costs. * The reps carry catalogues containing all the products available along with price lists. * The order forms are separate sheets. ...read more.


I will test: * Product information * Customer details * Sales representative names Invalid Data Testing-I will deliberately input some invalid data into some of the cells to see whether the error messages, that I created, appear. Specification test- I will compare my original specification to with my finished package. This will tell me whether the package will be able to do the job the user requires. Continuous Testing PAGE FUNCTION TEST OUTCOME PASS/FAIL Front Page Order Form Click on button Brings up Order Form Front Page Customer Details Click on button Brings up Customer Details Front Page Stock list Click on button Brings up Stock list Front Page Save Click on button Saves spreadsheet Order form Sales person drop down list Select name from list Shows name in cell Order form Main Menu Click on button Goes back to main menu Order form Refresh Click on button Resets the page Order form Save Click on button Saves spreadsheet Order form Print order form Click on button Prints order form Order form Stock code Enter stock code Shows details in order form Order form Company name Type in company name Shows Details for that company Customer Details Main Menu Click on button Goes back to main menu Stock List Main Menu Click on button Goes back to main menu Testing Data Cell Ref Input/output Test Data Manual Calc. Check Order form 20A Stock code 1000 20B Description Network card 20C Stock and Model No 3c 509B Combo ISA 20D Price 35 20E Quantity 2 20F Cost + VAT 94 20A Stock code 1001 20B Description Network card 20C Stock and Model No 3c 905TX PCI 20D Price 35 20E Quantity 2 20F Cost + VAT 82.25 20A Stock code 1002 20B Description Network card 20C Stock and Model No 3C 900 TPO PCI 20D Price 25 20E Quantity 2 20F Cost + VAT 58.75 20A Stock code 1003 20B Description Network card 20C Stock and Model No DE 220 PCT COMBO 20D Price 8 ...read more.


If letters are typed in by accident an error message with appear. Specification Test Original Specification Comments Target Met Front Page This sheet will link up with the rest of the sheets in the spreadsheet so users can search it easily. I have created a front page that links up all of the pages in the database. Order form This sheet will be used when customers want to order products from the company. Information to go into the order form will include: * Date of order * Time of order * Sales persons name * Customer name and Address * Customer contact numbers * Name of product * Description * Price * Stock number * Quantity * Total cost Date and time of order have been added into order form using the formula =NOW() The sales person names have been inserted into a drop down list that can be selected. There is space in a box at the top of the form for the customer name. This automatically there address and contact numbers. There is a box on the order form for stock codes to be typed in. This automatically brings up details including a total cost. Print out form This sheet will be identical to the order form and will show what the customers have ordered. There will be a print option so the customers have a receipt for what they have bought. I have included an option on the order form to print so customers will have a receipt of what they have bought. Stock and price list This sheet will show all the products available from the company along with a price list I have produced a list of all the products available from online direct computers Address Sheet This will include contact details for all the customers I have produced a list of all the customers and there contact details. Examples of the sheets Montsaye College AVCE ICT Unit Three Spreadsheet Assignment __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Chris Blundell 1 ...read more.

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