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Project tools and methodologies

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[P2] Tools and Methodologies Introduction In this section I am going to write about different tools and also methodologies that are available to help a project manager. Project management tools There are many different kinds of tools out there that can be used by project managers or members of staff, these different kinds of tools can be complex or even simple. General planning and scheduling tools Project management software will be able to help you manage any kind of project by scheduling meeting and planning for any future appointments or events. This kind of software will be able to give you a graphical version of plans for the project manager. Project management software has many different kinds of features which can include creating a task to help the manager by knowing what to do at certain times and what left to do. ...read more.


Project methodologies Here I am going to give examples of methodologies and show the advantages and disadvantage of formal methodologies. Advantages and disadvantages of formal methodologies The advantages of using formal methodologies is that everyone is doing the same things at the same time, because of these organisation will be able to give a standard developer training. Members of staff can also very easily be transferred between different projects and because of everyone doing the same thing that means that software can be easily maintained. However the disadvantages of using formal methodologies is that they can be very complex even for a simple project, another disadvantage can be that it requires more investment in training staff and products which may not be repaid by the client. Formal methodologies can also be unsuitable for unusual projects because it may not be needed or there is no need of it. ...read more.


This incurs additional consultancy costs, training costs and a potentially much greater lock-in to the software company. Company-specific methodology Organisations that have large computing departments will often feel that it is best for them to develop their own methodology. This can be done by using a standard methodology and take out parts that are not necessary or not needed. The rest they tailor to their organisation structure and to the type of projects that they run. For example, if they have outsourced their network, then they do not need a methodology for network projects. If they do not sell their software, then customer and user management and acceptance and product distribution is much easier. PERT charts PERT (which stands for program evaluation review technique) is a methodology in the 1950s, developed in the United States Navy's project having thousands of contractors. This is a methodology that is used to organise and also schedule tasks when a project is being developed. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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