Report Outlining each stage of the project development. Creation of a Web Presentation for the college.

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Kevin Owusu-Antwi        IVA         Unit 9

Solutions and Requirements of project


The best solutions for the problems the college is facing is as follows:

Creation of a Web Presentation:

This will involve a brief presentation about the college showing the facilities, the area and people, transportation, courses, Fees, Support, News and Event, Student Union and Links to other institution for higher education. The presentation will be made in a slide view mode and would be accessed on the web using the address or the domain name used. Images the existing tutors and student will be put in the slide to make it attractive and the logo will be placed on every slide background.

Open days times will be shown on the presentation and any job vacancy will be advertise on the web presentation. This is will be a solution to the problems facing the college but would need a lot of updating and work.

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Creation of a Website:

This website would shows all Departments; at least one division of which would show all the courses offered. The site would fit the purpose for which it was designed using of a wide variety of techniques and showing accuracy in its content, construction and organization.

The site would give an accurate impression of what a full site would look like. It must include:

  • An introductory page (this may be the home page or could be separate)
  • A page on each department of the college indicating sub divisions (eg Business – ICT/Travel & Tourism/Business ...

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