Zunaira Sufi (10E)

Security Project


Task 17.1: - You have been asked by your school to suggest what they should do to protect their computers and hardware. Explain why this is important.

Every school needs to take precautions of the securing of hardware, software and data very seriously as the consequences of the violation of security can be extremely damaging to the school. They can mean loss of documents, links and important software, which could result in total chaos spreading throughout the school.

Safeguarding in opposition to theft of computers from workplaces involves physical security. This means that measures need to be taken in order to prevent the theft of the actual equipment and to prevent trespassers from entering the premises. This can be done by: -

  • Restricting access to the computer rooms, so that only authorised students would be allowed in. This would limit unwanted students who have no reason to be in the room. Also, this allows the student using the hardware or computer to be held responsible if anything does happen.
  • Restricting certain websites and games etc. to prevent unwanted spam and viruses from entering the computer network.  
  • Updating antivirus software to protect the computer network from fatal viruses, which could destroy stored data in the hard drive. This would be a big loss to the students and the teachers as their data would be lost, and so they would have to re do it all, which would take some time to do. Updated antivirus software prevents file contamination and corruption.
  • Using locks on computers and keyboards to protect the computer from theft as even if they are stolen, they wouldn’t be able to be turned on.
  • Having a security alarm in the computer rooms and a keypad lock on the door, which can only be opened by authorised personnel.
  • Ensuring the whole building is secure and has an intruder alarm alert. To do this CCTV (closed circuit television system) can be installed. This is to prevent unwanted students from entering the premises and means that burglars will be restricted from entering the site, as they will be detected.
  • Having security staff on duty, so that suspicious characters can be identified. This prevents theft from happening as if he security staff were suspicious of a certain student, and then they could stop them from carrying out that theft.
  • Assigning serial numbers to each equipment and keeping and inventory of them all, and/or marking it with ultra-violet pens so that if it has been stolen and recovered, it can be traced back to its owner.  
  • Using independent alarms on all hardware that remain operational during school hours as well as out of school hours. This precaution prevents burglary and theft, and accidental loss.
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Protection of computers and hardware is very important due to financial implications, from which the school would detriment from, as they would have to spend money to buy more computer equipment of hardware. Another reason why protection of computers is important is because if something of intensive value such as a CPU gets stolen in some way or breaks down, then the school would have to pay a tremendous amount of money to buy the CPU. If more than one CPU got broken down, then more money would be used. This would also waste the school’s valuable time and effort. ...

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