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Small Office Network Implementation - hardware and security.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Small Office Network Implementation 1 Internet and Networking Devices 3 Ethernet Hub 3 Ethernet Switch 4 Workstation 5 Network printer 6 Network Fax 7 ADSL modem 8 File server 9 Proxy server 10 Internet & Network Vulnerabilities 11 Internet Vulnerabilities 11 Network Vulnerabilities 11 Security Measures & Counter Measures 12 Tabulation of Costing 15 References 16 Small Office Network Implementation In the diagram network divided in to two segments its uses a star topology this divided networks have connected to an intelligent hub. Intelligent hubs are connected to an Ethernet switch it will improve the performance. Following devices also have connected to this switch work station, network printer, network fax, file server, and proxy server. If all devices connect to a hub it will increase the network traffic it will slow down the network that's the reason I used two hubs and connected to a switch. Using one Network printer and one network fax reduce the cost of the network. And all the clients can capable to receive faxes instead of using one fax per computer. And all clients can use the printer as well. This network connects to the internet through a proxy server and the internet connection is shared to all the computers with this server. This server handles the network security not needed to use another firewall. The file server is used to store the documents prepared by the employees of the office. ...read more.


Documents can be transmitted to their destination either via fax or e-mail. Fax is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents, especially using affordable devices operating over the telephone network. The word telefax, short for telefacsimile, for "make a copy at a distance", is also used as a synonym. The device is also known as a telecopier in certain industries. ADSL modem Jump to: navigation, search Source - ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer ADSL modem or DSL modem is a device used to connect a single computer or router to a DSL phone line, in order to use an ADSL service. The acronym NTBBA (network termination broad band adapter, network termination broad band access) is also common in various countries. Some ADSL modems also manage the connection and sharing of the ADSL service with a group of machines: in this case, the unit is termed a DSL router or residential gateway. Asymmetric digital subscriber line transceiver or ATU-R, as the telephone companies call it, is a functional block inside every ADSL modem which actually performs modulation, demodulation and framing, while other functional blocks perform Asynchronous Transfer Mode Segmentation and Reassembly, IEEE 802.1D bridging and/or IP routing. Typical user interfaces are Ethernet and USB. Although an ADSL modem working as a bridge doesn't need an IP address, it may have one assigned for management purposes. File server * Link- http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/cooldrives/DSCN5496333.jpg A file server has disk storage allows different programs; running on other computers, to access the files and allows users to share files. ...read more.


Passive methods include using intrusion detection or IDS devices to automatically detect intrusion. This method requires only a small number of network security administrators for monitoring. These systems can detect security violations in real time and can be configured to automatically respond before an intruder does any damage. An added benefit of network monitoring is the verification that the security devices implemented in Step 1 of the Security Wheel have been configured and are working properly. Test In the testing phase of the Security Wheel, the security of the network is proactively tested . Specifically, the functionality of the security solutions implemented in Step 1 and the system auditing and intrusion detection methods implemented in Step 2 must be assured. Vulnerability scanning tools such as SATAN, Nessus, or NMAP are useful for periodically testing the network security measures. Improve The improvement phase of the Security Wheel involves analyzing the data collected during the monitoring and testing phases, and developing and implementing improvement mechanisms that feed into the security policy and the securing phase in Step 1. To keep a network as secure as possible, the cycle of the Security Wheel must be continually repeated, because new network vulnerabilities and risks are created every day. With the information collected from the monitoring and testing phases, intrusion detection systems can be used to implement improvements to the security. The security policy should be adjusted as new security vulnerabilities and risks are discovered. Tabulation of Costing Item Name Qty Price Rs. ...read more.

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