Story from the History of Computers

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Project                      : Story from the history of computers

Student Name           : Tom234

Candidate number    : sgi1001

Date of the day:        :15th of March 2522 BCE

Story from the History of Computers

Around the year 2020 a nuclear war devastated earth. The only protection was to build concrete shelters, which led cities deep underground. The largest one was almost double the size of New York City. It was called “the land of technology” as most of the inhabitants were scientists, computer programmers and computer engineers.

About 60 years later a guy called John was born and taught by the best computer programmers on earth. Once john was sitting behind his desk hoping that he would be able to write a program to make the computers understand humans’ different accents and voice commands. But he did something greater. Indeed he created a program that reacted with the environment and is able to learn and understand, a computer with actual intelligence.

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John ran the program not knowing what he achieved. It took some time to load the software and compile it, so he went to bed assuming that he would look at the project the next day. During that time the computer configured its software and upgraded it to meet the surrounding environment. The computer was connected to the World Wide Web with a high speed Internet connection. The computer was building its software with knowledge.

The next day when John woke up, he discovered the extraordinary achievement he did in the world of information technology. John left in ...

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