The Impact of ICT & Types of Error Detection

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The Impact of ICT

Launched in 2007, the iPhone garnered much praise for it’s innovative design and broad range of functions; from a camera phone and portable media player to Wi-Fi Internet and Visual Voicemail. The iPhone has since been updated in the iPhone 3G which not only incorporated 3G technologies allowing faster internet access but also added GPS capabilities (Global Positioning System).

The extraordinary quantity in which the iPhone has sold has played a major part in helping the sales of Smartphones overtake those of laptops. This statistic is mainly thanks to the mobile phone completing it’s transition from a simple voice communications device to a multimedia computer in your pocket with the iPhone being one of the most advanced Smartphones currently on the market.

While the idea of having a media player, camera and GPS in your pocket may sound appealing to the general public; Smartphones are not music to everyone’s ears with the standalone camera market taking the biggest hit in sales. Camera phones outsold digital cameras by 4 to 1 in 2007 and also outsold the combined sales of digital cameras and video recorders. This figure has been touted by many to increase to the point where the standalone digital camera becomes a thing of the past. The average digital camera has 6 megapixels whilst the latest Samsung B600 made it into the record books as having the best quality camera in a phone with a massive 10 megapixels. With this type of quality it’s no surprise the digital camera industry is taking such a hit.

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However it is not all bad. Many digicam companies are learning from the industry and are teaming up with mobile phone companies too help develop the latest in camera phone technology. The main benefiters of the rise in Smartphone have to be the general public. Who wouldn’t want all the features of a multimedia computer in their pocket? With prices as low as £250 for the latest iPhone, it beats the combined price of a digital camera, portable media player and standalone mobile phone.

While Smartphones are officially aimed at prosumuers (Professional Consumers) the reduction in cost is ...

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