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The impact of the availability of electric information on individuals and society

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Karolis Ramanauskas Task G Explain the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society In this report I will discuss the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society. I am going to talk about how the ways people access information has changed and how new technologies have played a part in this. Firstly I will talk about how increased availability of electronic information has changed mine and my family daily lives. Then I'll consider how availability of information affected our society in general and individuals within it. After that, the ways organisations these days communicate with individuals and society will be discussed and in the end I'll talk about people who do not have access or don't want to have to the internet and the consequences of this. The impact of the availability of electronic information on myself and my family Over the past few years the amount of information received from paper-based information sources in my life has decreased dramatically while the electronic information is becoming more and more significant to my and my parents daily lives. On my daily basis I access many different types of electronic information such as text messages, internet, WAP and television. ...read more.


Their website also enables you to look up other diseases or conditions so you can educate yourself about the signs of them. Transport and travel The access of electronic information has made travelling and booking transport much easier and improved many peoples' lives. Because of increased availability of electronic information all the information such as time tables, costs of transport, discounts can be found on the internet in websites such as National Rail which offers information about the whole rail network in the UK in an easy-to-access way, so people don't need to go to a train station or any other place anymore to find out the timetables or any other information; for those, travelling by car or motorcycle, there are a few websites as well, which provide information about the roads condition, traffic jams and any other problems, such as road works or accidents so therefore drivers can save time by choosing the fastest way to their final destination. Banking Banking is one of the most important areas affected by the increased access to the electronic information because it's related to individuals' as well as the whole society's finances and money in general. People in the past had to go to bank to pay their taxes, bills and other payments. ...read more.


Nowadays when usage of electronic information is so important, people who don't have an access to the internet suffer in many ways e.g. getting worse insurance and loan deals, getting paid less for not having skills to use the internet. If we believe BBC, last year insurance was 355% more expensive to buy in person than on the internet. So people who can't afford having the internet because it's too expensive for them have to pay more than those who can have an access to the internet, which means that they probably earn more as well. Also for those who don't have an access to the internet is sometimes harder to find a job than for those who have an access to the internet because most employers nowadays are looking for new workers through the internet. However, number of families who have an access to the internet in their homes is becoming progressively larger. According to statistics.gov.uk, last year 75% of all families in the UK had an access to the internet Summary Electronic information such as the internet is getting more and more significant in many peoples' lives. Sometimes it's helpful because people save money and time using the internet instead of traditional paper-based information sources. However, there are still many people who have no access to the internet which makes them suffer. ...read more.

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