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Unit 3- Business Information Systems.

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Provide an analysis of the reasons why it is important to keep data safe and secure. It is important to keep data safe and secure because if a company do not do so, then the data is vulnerable to other people and companies. This is very dangerous for the company as that data may be financial data or their customer's data. If another company steals the data then they are likely to know the important details of the Company they have stolen the data from and may take advantage of that data. If a company do not use a login system, which allows only authorised users to view such confidential data by using usernames and passwords then they would be more vulnerable to unauthorised users therefore they allow their confidential data to be viewable to unauthorised users. For example if a travel agent lose their data it is very dangerous for the company as their data contains personal details on their customers and all their prices for their tickets also the ticket details of future booking which is all very vital data. ...read more.


Also you would allow viruses to damage your computer system. If you do not use spam protection for your email inbox then you may receive unwanted junk mail. This junk mail can be offensive material such as pornography including both text and images. These things can promote sexism, violence and personal abuse. If you do not use anti-virus software such as Norton anti-virus or MacAfee anti-virus when using the internet then you are dangerously putting yourself at risks. This is because viruses are spread mainly on the Internet and where there is no kind of anti-virus protection, the virus can spread to that computer system. By doing so it can corrupt the file on your computer, stop programs not functioning properly or at all and can damage the whole computer system. If you do not use firewall software when using the Internet then you would allow unauthorised users such as hackers or intruders to hack into computer systems. This would result in the hackers to view all your confidential data and it would allow them to edit the data or permanently delete the data. ...read more.


Describe measures to protect against Internet security threats. There are two types of software's to protect you from Internet security threats; these are anti-virus software and firewall software. Anti-virus software helps to protect your computer from viruses while using the Internet by finding a virus if it occurs onto your computer and automatically destroying the virus itself or it would let you know before doing so. Anti-virus software also scans for any types of viruses on your computer system and deletes them if it has found any. If a virus has already affected your computer then anti-virus software can fix it by recovering the infected program or file. Examples of anti-virus software are Norton Anti-Virus and MacAfee Anti-Virus. Firewall software helps to protect your computer from hackers and intruders while you are using the Internet. If a hacker were to hack into your computer system, firewall software would prevent him or her from doing so by blocking the network from him or her and your computer. Examples of firewall software are Norton Firewall and MacAfee Firewall protection. By using both anti-virus protection and a firewall software your computer is protected from the danger the Internet has to offer. Unit 3 ...read more.

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