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Commercial Systems are mainly those used by companies that sell products and services and they are used to help in the administrative activities of that business or organisation. When we say Commercial Systems are used in the administrative activities we mean they are characterised by files of information, which are routinely updated and are used to obtain printed or other output. Central and local government, public corporations, and charitable and recreational bodies as well as many by businesses mainly use these systems.

Define The Term Commercial

Commercial is the record keeping of sales. An example of this is a supermarket like Kwik Save keeping a record of what goods it sells and what is the most popular item. So if for example a Tin of Baked Beans is selling well they can re order twice the amount they used to order before.  

Define The Term System

System is a collection of equipment and people to keep the job moving. An example of this is an employer of Kwik Save using a computer to check what items need re ordering. If some items aren’t selling so well, they can try a different range of products to sell.

Give examples of three Commercial Systems

There are a number of Commercial Systems like:

  • Booking System,
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),
  • Electronic Point of Sale System (EPOS),
  • Stock Control,
  • Order Processing and
  • Payroll Processing.

The three Commercial Systems that I am going to write about are Booking Systems, Stock Control and Payroll Processing.


A good example of a Commercial System is a hotel central booking system. A number of hotel chains operate such systems, whereby the customer can ring the central office and book a room in any hotel in the chain. The telephone operator asks the customer for details of which hotel and what accommodation are required and when, types this into a computer and waits. During the wait, the computer contacts the customer at the hotel of the customer’s choice and checks to see if the rooms are available. As soon as there is a response the telephonist is notified and the customer can accept or reject it. If the booking system is accepted, the telephonist takes the customers name and a credit card number to guarantee a booking. In return, the customer is issued with a booking number. All this is made possible by using two computers, the right type of software, a telephone modem connected to each computer and a telephone line.

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Stock levels are often controlled in retail stores by IT systems although most organisations require some stock to be kept. Stock Control is important because some items can be re ordered quickly when stocks are getting low. A good example of this is a CD store, when thousand of CDs and cassettes are sold each day. To ensure the shelves are always well stocked and up to date with the latest albums and IT system is used. So the title of each song is given a stock code and this code is ...

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