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Video Rental System

Extracts from this document...


Final Project Report Video Rental System Objective: Business Rules: � A store can have one or more employees. � An employee may or may not manages one store. � A employee may or may not have one or more employee job history. � A employee is assigned an user id for login. � An user id associated with one and only one employee. � A employee may or may not creates one or more customers. � A customer can be created by one and only one employee. � A employee may or may not change one or more rental item types. � A rental item type can be changed by one and only one employee. � A rental item type may or may not have one or more rental items. � A rental item can be of one and only one rental item type. � A vendor may or may not placed one or more purchase orders. � A Purchase order can contains one or more Purchase order detail lines. � A Customer rental table resolves the many to many relationships between the Customer and Rental item table. � A rental item may or may not be rented by one or more customers. � A customer may or may not rent one or more rental items. � And Customer rental history table also resolves the many to many relationships between the Customer and Rental item. ...read more.


Y STORE_ADDRESS2 Store Address Text 100 X(100) STORE_CITY Store City Text 100 X(100) Y STORE_STATE Store State Text 2 X(2) Y STORE_ZIP Store Zipcode Text 11 X(11) Y STORE_PHONE Store Phone Text 12 X(12) Y STORE_FAX Store FAX Text 12 X(12) STORE_MANAGER Store Manager Number Long Int 0-99999999 USER USER_ID User ID Autonumber Long Int 1-99999999 Y PK USER_LOGIN_ID User Login ID Text 255 X(255) USER_PWD User Password Text 255 X(255) USER_CREATED_DATE User Created Date Date/Time dd/mm/yyyy hr:min:sec am/pm USER_LAST_LOGIN User Last Login Date/Time dd/mm/yyyy hr:min:sec am/pm EMP_ID Employee ID Number Long Int 1-99999999 FK EMPLOYEE IS_ADMIN Employee is Admin or not Yes/No VENDOR VEND_ID Vendor ID Autonumber Long Int 1-99999999 Y PK VEND_NAME Vendor Name Text 255 X(255) Y VEND_CFNAME Vendor First Name Text 100 X(100) Y VEND_CLNAME Vendor Last name Text 100 X(100) Y VEND_ADDRESS1 Vendor Address Text 255 X(255) Y VEND_ADDRESS2 Vendor Address Text 255 X(255) VEND_CITY Vendor City Text 100 X(100) Y VEND_STATE Vendor State Text 2 X(2) Y VEND_ZIP Vendor Zipcode Text 11 X(11) Y VEND_PHONE Vendor Phone Text 12 X(12) Y VEND_FAX Vendor Fax Text 12 X(12) Normalization: Before Normalization the "CUSTOMER" table contained the "RENTAL RETURN DATE" AND "ITEM RENT PAY". Since the Customer can rent more than one item this caused data anomalies. There were multiple entries for one customer. Note: All the table attributes are not included for the ease of description. The required and important attributes are used to show the normalization. ...read more.


[ITEM_RUNTIME] as VideoRunTime,[ITEM_LANG] as VideoLanguage, [ITEM_RATING] as VideoRating,[ITEM_RELEASE_DATE] as VideoReleaseDate, [ITEM_TOTAL_STOCK] as TotalStock,[ITEM_CURRENT_STOCK] as CurrentStock, [ITEM_TYPE_DESC] as RentalItemType FROM (RENTAL_ITEM INNER JOIN RENTAL_ITEM_TYPE ON RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_TYPE_ID=RENTAL_ITEM_TYPE.ITEM_TYPE_ID) Insert insert into [rental_item] (item_name,item_short_desc,item_long_desc, item_type_id,item_runtime,item_lang,item_rating,ITEM_RELEASE_DATE,created_date) values (@nme,@sdesc,@ldesc,@itype,@runtime,@lng,@rating,@rdate,@dte) @nme @sdesc @ldesc @itype @runtime @lng @rating @rdate @dte Update: update [rental_item] set [email protected],[email protected],[email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] where [item_id][email protected] @nme @sdesc @ldesc @rdate @rating @runtime @lng @itid Purchase order Select SELECT PURCHASE_ORDER.PUR_ORDER_ID AS Id, PURCHASE_ORDER.PUR_ORDER_DATE as OrderDate,VENDOR.VEND_NAME as VendorName,PURCHASE_ORDER.PUR_RECEIVED as Received, PURCHASE_ORDER.PUR_RECEIVED_DATE as ReceivedDate FROM (PURCHASE_ORDER INNER JOIN VENDOR ON PURCHASE_ORDER.VEND_ID = VENDOR.VEND_ID) Select purchase order detail for a given purchase order SELECT PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL.PUR_ORDER_DETAIL_ID as LineNo, RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_NAME as ItemName, PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL.ITEM_QTY as Qty FROM (PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL INNER JOIN RENTAL_ITEM ON PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL.ITEM_ID = RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_ID) where PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL.PUR_ORDER_ID = @poid order by PURCHASE_ORDER_DETAIL.PUR_ORDER_DETAIL_ID insert purchase order insert into [purchase_order] (pur_order_date,vend_id)" values (@pdate,@vend_id) @pdate @vend_id select max(pur_order_id) as maxid from purchase_order"; insert into [purchase_order_detail] pur_order_id,pur_order_detail_id, item_id,item_qty) values (@poId,@pdId,@itemId,@qty) @poId @pdId @itemId @qty Receive purchase order update [purchase_order] set [pur_received][email protected],[pur_received_date][email protected] where [email protected] @rec @recdate @pid" select [item_total_stock],[item_current_stock] from rental_item where [email protected] update [rental_item] set [item_current_stock][email protected] ,[item_total_stock][email protected] where [email protected]"; @cStock @tStock @itemid Purchase order Reports SELECT VENDOR.VEND_NAME as VendorName, po.PUR_ORDER_DATE as PODate FROM (PURCHASE_ORDER po INNER JOIN VENDOR ON po.VEND_ID = VENDOR.VEND_ID) where po.pur_order_date between #{@stdate}# and #{@endate}#" @stdate @endate customer rental report SELECT CUSTOMER.CUS_FNAME as CustomerFirstName, CUSTOMER.CUS_LNAME as CustomerLastName, CUSTOMER_RENTAL.RENTAL_DATE as RentalDate, RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_NAME as ItemName, RENTAL_ITEM_TYPE.ITEM_TYPE_DESC as ItemDescription FROM (((CUSTOMER_RENTAL INNER JOIN CUSTOMER ON CUSTOMER_RENTAL.CUS_ID = CUSTOMER.CUS_ID) INNER JOIN RENTAL_ITEM ON CUSTOMER_RENTAL.ITEM_ID = RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_ID) INNER JOIN RENTAL_ITEM_TYPE ON RENTAL_ITEM.ITEM_TYPE_ID = RENTAL_ITEM_TYPE.ITEM_TYPE_ID) where CUSTOMER_RENTAL.RENTAL_DATE between #{@stdate}# and #{@endate}#", @stdate @endate ...read more.

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