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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. Bedside table development evaluation

    The length of table from front to back should be 500mm as this again is within the range correct space range my target market would have left on either side of the bed, but also this is around the standard dimension for the length of a bedside tables that I have found from my research. > Drawer should be 400mm long (front to back) as this is more than enough room to store medicines and tablets in and can fit roughly 10 tablet boxes in.

    • Word count: 2640
  2. Materials notes - properties and uses of different materials.

    (wood is stronger than rubber) Heavy: Iron > Ceramic Metal cube > glass cube > rubber cube > cork cube Questions on Comparison (ascending / descending order): Step 1 --> draw the scale & mark both ends Step 2 --> write objects with SPACE in between (to slot in) Materials Source of material General properties Things made from it & Why choose this material Remarks & property 1 Wood Eg: - Teak - Pine wood - Rose wood - Cherry wood - Meranti wood - rattan (trunks of)

    • Word count: 2436
  3. Devlopment evaluation of my bedside table.

    The length of table from front to back should be 500mm as this again is within the range correct space range my target market would have left on either side of the bed, but also this is around the standard dimension for the length of a bedside tables that I have found from my research. > Drawer should be 400mm long (front to back) as this is more than enough room to store medicines and tablets in and can fit roughly 10 tablet boxes in.

    • Word count: 2640
  4. Design Principles and Appliction - Constraints

    The information obtained can be recorded on a briefing checklist/chart (see Figure 1). With the briefing chart the circulation diagram will aid the design team to produce solutions that are acceptable to the client. There are three aspects to any design process which must be considered. 1. What are the functional demands of the problem? 2. What are the technical constraints? 3. What are the aesthetic considerations? Satisfying these three aspects will ensure a functional building, which is fit for purpose.

    • Word count: 2001
  5. Security Management

    Furthermore, within the organization, IM conversations among project team members can resolve issues and questions in an instantsomething that might have taken a series of emails, telephone calls, or face-to-face meetings to carry out. IM can be used to provide immediate replies to requests. It can also help promote personal relationships with customers and remote employees, and assist customers in completing transactions with Web-based businesses. This report is shown the concern of security of IM and gives some countermeasure to deal with IM threats.

    • Word count: 2987
  6. Investigation into Multi-Tools

    2 knife blades Screwdriver Wire stripper Reamer Scissors Tweezers Saw File Tools : Steel Case: Steel, Vinyl Victorinox 7 Gerber radius �49.99 Soft grip handles, spring action pliers, Thumbstuds, easy access tools. Pliers Wire cutter Scissors Screwdriver Knife Tools: Steel Case: Steel Grips: Ballistic Nylon Gerber 8 Tool logic II Deluxe �29.95 Fits into a credit card slot, lightweight. Blade Puller Tweezers Scissors File Screwdriver Toothpick Tools: Steel Case: Plastic Toollogic 9 Motion Pro Multi tool �24.95 Convenient carry case, brushed finish.

    • Word count: 2079
  7. Economic impact of genetic engineering Genetic engineering (GE) is a recently developed technology that allows the alteration of the genetic make

    Critics argue that whatever benefits developing nations gain from GE technology, these are far outweighed by the risks involved. Proponents' of genetically modified foods strongest claim is that this technology will benefit farmers in developing countries by allowing those farmers to be more productive and grow a higher yield of crops. Many studies do agree that GE technologies do give farmers a higher yield, but even this is a contested issue. Because many of these studies are sponsored and linked to the very corporations that are developing these technologies, validity of the results are questionable.

    • Word count: 2382
  8. The Characteristics and Development of RFID - Radio frequency identification.

    However, retailers are now starting to drive the introduction of RFID and it would seem to have the potential to revolutionize efficiency, effectiveness and security throughout supply chain. By definition, RFID is a technology process starts with a tag that is made up of a microchip with an form a magnetic field when they join with the antenna on the RFID tag (FRiDa.com). It's one of the most powerful IT strategic assets in use in retailing industry. According to Michalisim (1997), he pointed out that strategic asset are "simultaneously valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable, and nonsubstitutable".

    • Word count: 2417
  9. Why is quality important for a business?

    Also in this method the workers on a piece rate so they got paid for what they made. In this method every one is responsible for the quality control. Instead of checking at the end of production, it is checked as the products are made at regular intervals. This means that the quality control is done in such a way that every one is involved. This method got rid of the piece rate. Advantages / Disadvantages In this method of quality control is the reasonability of just one person. Also in this method as people are paid for what they make, this means that they will be more concerned over quantity rather then quality.

    • Word count: 2727
  10. Statements, Materials and Technology: Contemporary Chairs and Movements

    Modernism emerged in the 1930s, influenced by the Bauhaus design principles instituted by its founder, Walter Gropius. Stark, simple forms colored in the primary colors of red, blue and yellow were key elements in a time when Adolf Loos declared, "Ornament is crime". A component the Bauhaus design philosophy, the form must follow the dictates of function and industrial mechanization, was to become a fundamental tenet of the Modern Movement (Fiell 1991).

    • Word count: 2431
  11. To what extent can we talk about the design and use of ICTs as gendered?

    Throughout history men have dominated technology. "Masculinity and technology are conceived of as being symbolically intertwined, such that technical competence has come to constitute an integral part of masculine gender identity, and, conversely, a particular idea of masculinity has become central to our very definition of technology" (Grint and Gill: 8). Women "were distant from the laboratories, drawing offices and board rooms from which decisions about new technologies were emerging" (Cockburn: 36). The designing of Information Communication Technologies were gendered male to a huge extent.

    • Word count: 2198
  12. Hidden Monuments.

    When we are made to think of architectural monuments, do we ever think of prisons? Imprisonment used as a punishment is a somewhat new concept, and incarceration as reformation is even newer. Throughout history, "jails" as we know them have been used simply to hold the convicted until their time of punishment (hanging, flogging, dismemberment, etc.). The Catholic Church was actually the first to offer imprisonment as we have come to know it. In Rome, during the reign of Constantine, churches and monasteries began a custom of granting asylum to convicted criminals as long as they agreed to resolve their crimes through suffering. The most frequently used form of resolution by the church was confinement.

    • Word count: 2071
  13. My aim for this project is to design and construct a fully functioning alarm clock.

    Research Before I could start to design my circuit I had to research on the following subjects: * Pin out for the micro controller (AT90S8515) * Required power supply for the micro controller * Pin out for 7447 Seven Segment Decoder * Pin out for Seven Segment Display I got the pin out for the micro controller Atmel (AT90S8515) from the web site http://www.atmel.com/atmel/acrobat/0841s.pdf this gave me the pin out and the addresses for the ports and data direction registers.

    • Word count: 2608
  14. How do you use ergonomics?

    The aim is to ensure that humans and technology work in complete harmony, with the equipment and tasks aligned to human characteristics. Ergonomics has a wide application to everyday domestic situations, but there are even more significant implications for efficiency, productivity, safety and health in work settings. For example: Designing equipment and systems including computers, so that they are easier to use and less likely to lead to errors in operation - particularly important tin high stress and safety-critical operations such as control rooms.

    • Word count: 2203
  15. Design Brief - The manager of a local 'super store' has asked you to design a promotional display for the entrance to the store that can be used to promote a product of your choice.

    As a monostable the timer returns to output 0V after a time set by the resistor/capacitor. As an astable, pin 2 connects to pin 6 producing an automatic restart. These clock pulses can drive a flashing LED, a loudspeaker, a transistor, an IC, etc. A 741 operational amplifier or op-amp is used as a comparator or amplifier with one output and two inputs. A voltage at the '+' input causes a positive output (source) if it is more than the '-' input and a negative output (sink)

    • Word count: 2021
  16. Agfa Responding positively to a changing environment

    Analogue imaging has not been abandoned and still has millions of satisfied consumers. However, the industry will move on. This is because the new technology: � is genuinely innovative � has undeniable advantages in some key aspects � has been shown to work � is proving reliable � is capable of further development � will become cheaper in the long run. The pace of change is accelerating. Abandoning former practices and establishing new ways of working is generating not only excitement, but also stresses and tensions. The new technology requires new skills, new attitudes and new approaches from both producers and consumers.

    • Word count: 2017
  17. Report On the Impact of Technology

    2.5 Spoke to people such as Remi Olatunbosun about the way technology has affected things. 3.0 FINDINGS 3.1 THE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE EMPLOYEE 3.1.1 The effects of technology on the employee are plentiful and in this section I will tell you how technology affects the employee in the work place. An employee will have to have good skills on a computer. For example they will need to know how to use a word processor and all the basic functions of the computer like saving and loading.

    • Word count: 2086
  18. The Differences and Assimilation of Chinese and American Diet

    Frying is divided into deep frying, light frying, one side frying and slippery frying, and a few types of stir-frying; this method mainly deals with vegetables. One cooking method that American dishes seldom use is steaming. It is a kind of slow process and time consuming. Chinese cooking uses two methods of steaming, which are basic steaming and pot steaming which is placing a smaller pot inside of a bigger pot to steam. The product is usually extremely soft because the pot is dipped in boiling water for two to three hours.

    • Word count: 2424

Everything that is manufactured, and that includes just about everything you're going to use today, has been designed. A level Design and Technology allows you to explore and understand the world of design and how technology enables the development and production of design ideas. The course will introduce you to the work of designers such as Dyson and will encourage and enable you to research, design, produce and test ideas for marketable products.

As well as creative work you'll be required to produce written assignments and Marked by Teachers has a wide collection of essays which will guide you to a better understanding of what examiners expect.

During your course you'll explore materials such as wood, plastic and composite materials, you'll be introduced to systems and their control and you'llbuild on your presentational skills too. A level design and Technology is an excellent preparation for further study in Fashion, Design and Product Development.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Investigate the work of two different consumer organisations. Compare their roles and the range of products they evaluate

    "Conclusion The differences between the two organisations are that the standard organisations focus on the product functioning properly and it also being of a high standard. The consumer watchdog on the other hand offers a comparison of different products to the consumer in order to show them which products are best. Both of the organisations can determine the customer's choice as to which product they choose to buy. The standards organisations can affect their choice by showing which products are the best by giving the best products a kitemark. The consumer watchdog does the same thing but in a different sort of way, as offering reviews as to which products are the best. The consumer watchdog does not either help or hinder the product manufacturers, but the standards organisations do as they pick out and show the consumers which products are the best and have the highest quality. This helps the manufacturers if they do meet the standards required."

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