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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. Food is a concern to both manufactures and consumers. Explain how a food manufacturer and local authorities can ensure that food poisoning risks are reduced.

    It is more the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that their food that is being produced does not become contaminated. One of the most important factors a manufacturer can do to prevent food poisoning is to train their staff properly. It is important that the staff are capable of cleaning thoroughly the equipment used throughout the production of the food. A basic food hygiene certificate is now expected when handling food. It would also be a good idea for the manufacturer to employ supervisors to ensure that the other staff are doing the correct jobs in the correct ways.

    • Word count: 593
  2. Electronics AS project

    Investigations Thermistor test Resistance (K?) Temperature 5.63 21 5.3 23 3.92 30 2.61 40 1.75 50 1.22 60 0.87 70 0.64 80 0.51 90 For the voltage comparitor of the thermistor, the trigger point must be about 0.55K? to be able to trigger at around 85 C Characteristic curve of the LDR and Thermisor For a light sensor I am going to use a LDR, as I've used them before in my class work and know how to use them in circuits.

    • Word count: 1567
  3. Fear of technlogy locally

    This document can then be sent as an attachment using and e-mail program to one or more people who can also then add their own comments and re-distribute the document. Education ICT is incorporated at every educational level and begins with ICT being part of the national curriculum from an early age. Students need to develop software skills to enable then to carry out research and produce course work as they progress through the educational system. To support teachers and students a number of initiatives have been developed to provide them with resources that support both teaching and learning.

    • Word count: 1487
  4. knitting fabrics

    Warp knits have some elasticity, do not ladder and cant be unravelled. Although they can be cut like woven fabrics, warp knits have a limited application for clothing being mainly used for swimwear leisure and underwear linings laces ribbons and trimmings they are also used for net curtains furnishing and bed linen. Warp knits are mainly used in industrial end- uses including geotextiles. Woven Fabrics Plain weave This is the most used weave construction, which can provide endless design variation though the use of plain, thick, and thin, fancy and coloured yarns plain weave is strong firm, and hardwearing and is used for many types of fabrics and end-uses, i.e.

    • Word count: 934
  5. Investigate the work of two different consumer organisations. Compare their roles and the range of products they evaluate

    If a product meets all the standards then it can apply for a 'kitemark', this is to shows customers that the product has meet all the standards needed. This process can help manufacturers as if the product does meet all the standards then it will get the kitemark and it will help to show customers that they are buying a quality product which uses a quality system. The way in which it can guide consumer choice is by whether a product has a kitemark or not, people are

    • Word count: 534

    Compatibility When installing anything in Windows vista, the end user would have a visual interface to install a product, which uses only binary files, this interface is very easy to use and can be used automatically by end users that cannot use a computer. Although using a Linux operating system may make the user manually install and compile the folder and without proper use and could end up a mess because it is not very user friendly process, but some versions of Linux also use a visual interface that is as easy to install rather than using a binary installation

    • Word count: 1458
  7. Free essay

    Future Technologies

    With our technical status it is not possible to check the theories the scientists have in mind. The internet and virtual reality This result of our modern computerized society is certainly a future technology. The net grows and people are communicating with each other all over the world. The internet connected with virtual reality is the next step. Perhaps in the future business meetings 5 men and women will sit in front of their computers with I (Intelligent) -Glasses on 5 different places over the world but their eyes will see each other on a big table where they discuss problems.

    • Word count: 5463
  8. Free essay

    Systems Case Study

    These people are known as 'hackers'. (See appendix three) I would like to find out what the different systems measures are to protect the system are. I have thought of a few simple ones, none to complex: * Passwords-either users passwords or some of a greater level * Encryptions-why documents and such are in code so others can not read * Authorisation-why only certain people are allowed on a whole network of files * Firewalls-why some documents cannot even be viewed on a high security networks By following and gaining information on this system, I hope to undertake an understanding

    • Word count: 4077
  9. organiztional sytsmes and strategy

    All ideas and reports will be considered and marked according to their standard in a real project planning scenario. Objectives The obvious main objective with this specific project is to successfully move the MMU Business School to a new building situated on Oxford Road. There are a few following factors that are needed to be taken into consideration when considering this move. * The building needs to built and complete before the 20th May to ensure that the move can take place * This project needs to be completed before the start of the academic year beginning 2008/09 to ensure the students are able to commence or continue their studies * The site will offer all of the current

    • Word count: 4619
  10. The Optimum Windmill Efficiency

    Variables: Independent Variable: number of the blades + angles Dependent Variable: Time to lift weight Controlled Variable: wind speed, the mass of weight, the size of the blade Planning B: Materials: * Windmill tower * 4 detachable wind blades * 0.5m long string * 3 x 10g weights * Hairdryer * Stop watch Method: 1. Collect and prepare all materials and apparatus needed for experiment 2. place built windmill tower on a desk facing the hairdryer 3. hairdryer to desired power 4.

    • Word count: 907
  11. Jared Diamond versus Charles Mann on the Sophistication of Metalwork in Native America

    Diamond argues that the Europeans conquered the Natives because of superior metal technology. A close examination shows Mann's argument that the Natives' metal techniques undermines Diamond's argument that the Europeans had superior metal techniques. To understand the main differences between these two authors, one should examine the specific points before considering their different views on the specific metalworking techniques in the respective cultures. The Europeans had steel and Indians did not, which has led some researchers, Diamond among them, to "argue that Indian metallurgy essentially [did not] exist" (2).

    • Word count: 1655
  12. Natural Rubber:

    Synthetic rubber uses emulsion Polymerisation. Synthetic rubber can be made from various raw materials and reactions. In synthetic rubber there can be a mixture of cis and trans isomers. (2) 191 Natural rubbers configuration across the double bond is 98 % cis (both CH2 groups are on the same side of the double bond) and this allows the chain to increase in strength when they are stretched (they form crystalline regions). These are regions where the long chains of monomers line up very close together in straight lines.

    • Word count: 1167
  13. It is important that Sarah is blind having access to speech and Braille output devices. But access to this assistive technology is not enough. In order for them to benefit fully from this technology, the educational software, applications software

    For example she had to read by hands from the book in this collection. She couldn't read them on-line if she owned or had access to a paperless. Braille Display device, she couldn't download them to read off-line either in hard-copy Braille or by loading them in to devices such as Braille note takers. She couldn't find individual parts of a book, an individual book, or an entire collection of books by a specific author simply by selecting the appropriate links on the specified pages. Braille means so much to her, but if she had to summarize it in one word it would be "independence".

    • Word count: 3428
  14. Experimental methods are finding increasing use in manufacturing to optimize the production process. Specifically, the goal of these methods is to identify the optimum settings for the different factors

    They want to make inferences about what produced, contributed to, or caused events. To gain such information without ambiguity, some form of experimental design is ordinarily required. As a consequence, the need for using rather elaborate designs ensues from the possibility of alternative relationships, consequences or causes. The purpose of the design is to rule out these alternative causes, leaving only the actual factor that is the real cause. Causal-comparative research is a useful tool that can be employed in situations where experimental designs are not possible. The researcher must remember, however, that demonstrating a relationship between two variables (even a very strong relationship)

    • Word count: 1313

    Most display personnel work for retail companies. Opportunities exist throughout the UK, particularly in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Some designers work overseas. Advancement is to management positions. Many display designers find promotion is easier if they are prepared to move. Some designers work freelance, lecture or teach on college courses. The Work The display designer is responsible for interpreting the 'look' of the store. Sometimes, this look is determined by head office, so that every store in the country (and often those overseas) presents an identical image.

    • Word count: 1378
  16. Mind Design

    This is to say that only objects with a mental state have the ability to be intentional. Intentionality is the ability of perception of both state and its relation to an object. To focus thought on an object and to have a state of reference to that object shows intentionality in way that non mental mater does not. Never the object or the state need to have any other reference in reality other than that of the mental apparition of the intelligent being that created it. This is to say that to have intentional thought of a fiction is as valid as intentional thought about a real world object.

    • Word count: 1363
  17. The changes being brought by computers have fundamentally changed the shape of working life. The biggest problem is that it has created an underclass that has fallen out of the bottom of the job market.

    The future will see work as something to be done independently of location. This can lead to the curse of accessibility, being constantly available. Some activities need a physical presence but others can be conducted remotely Telework can change an organisation's structure, behaviour and culture in a range of ways. By imposing physical distance between individuals who otherwise would be likely to work in close proximity to each other, by interposing telematic systems into existing, usually face-to-face communication systems, and by altering the structure and pace of the work being done, telework has the potential to make dramatic alterations to the way in which individual tasks are perceived and performed.

    • Word count: 1382
  18. Economic impact of genetic engineering Genetic engineering (GE) is a recently developed technology that allows the alteration of the genetic make

    Critics argue that whatever benefits developing nations gain from GE technology, these are far outweighed by the risks involved. Proponents' of genetically modified foods strongest claim is that this technology will benefit farmers in developing countries by allowing those farmers to be more productive and grow a higher yield of crops. Many studies do agree that GE technologies do give farmers a higher yield, but even this is a contested issue. Because many of these studies are sponsored and linked to the very corporations that are developing these technologies, validity of the results are questionable.

    • Word count: 2382
  19. Describe the benefits of technological developments in equipment and facility design in two contrasting sports Sport Football

    It also has strategically placed mesh panels that promote air cooling where heat is most generated. Facility design features and benefits Retractable roof - The millennium stadium in Cardiff has a retractable roof which means that the roof can be closed if the weather forecast predicts heavy rain. This benefits the game itself and the fans. It saves the fans from getting soaked and it saves the players having to slosh around in mud. Mostly cup finals are played at the Millennium stadium and the fans wish the game to be viewed on a nice good to firm ground not a wet one.

    • Word count: 3557
  20. The use of sound enhances interface design

    When it comes to computers, the interaction is mostly based on the visual channel. It can be said that the aim of most multimedia interfaces is to make the human-computer interaction more natural and to provide a more transparent interface by using various forms of inputs and outputs. Unfortunately, it is hard to see the use of sound in most of the computer interfaces apart from the error beeps. It is a fact that humans acquire a great deal of knowledge through their ears.

    • Word count: 1476
  21. Building and the Environment

    The topography of the site will affect the ease of which the construction takes place. A site with a steep slop will require less excavation, than that of a site with a modest slope. A flat site will require extensive excavations to be undertaken. Due to the possibility of there being an underground water table, there was a need for the building to be constructed on a reinforced concrete raft foundation. This foundation rests on bedrock. The bedrock plays an essential interaction with the footings of all walls and is also reinforced. Due to the pressure that is acting on the back wall of the building through the soil that is behind the wall, a kicker was needed in order to act as a prevention measure.

    • Word count: 1184

    I ensure all hot water outlets are currently working properly. I checked size of cylinder vent which is 22mm and discharging over tank. 3) The cold feed to the cylinder is 22mm which is adequate to supply the hot outlets. A 225 litres (50 gallons) storage cistern which is suitable and is also situated above the cylinder. 4) I checked with the customer that they were happy with the plans and sizing of the hot water cylinder. 5) Information on the job was available but there were no detailed plans, so we discussed and wrote out plans.

    • Word count: 457
  23. 'Books are dead'

    Books are seen as primitive and dated because they have less to offer the next generation in the form of enjoyment. Furthermore, books are not fashionable in the twenty-first century. This is because popularity within the community is directly proportional to whether the individual has the newest technology or not.

    • Word count: 469
  24. Should sports make full use of the technology available?

    Many ball games don't take the advantage of the technology that is available. One of them is cricket. The umpire has to look out for many things just for one ball. When the bowler is bowling the umpire has to see that the bowler doesn't step on the return crease, and then looking out for the no-ball on the popping crease, then looking where the ball pitches at ninety miles an hour to make a decision (if there is one to make) on LBW. The technology of Hawk-eye and Snickometer is possible but only for audience on the television to view. Why don't the umpires get to use it? It would solve a lot of arguments and disagreements.

    • Word count: 554
  25. ICT Meeting Special Needs

    This technology is very simple to use and its 98/99% correct. With this technology he can make documents send emails and surf the without having to type anything. He can also have a choice of what he wants to use a headset or microphone. He would first have to train the computer by reading out what it says on the screen. Evaluative Comment for social life As my Uncle has a visual impairment it would be really hard for him if he didn't have the speech recognition system to help him use the computer.

    • Word count: 1082

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