Describe the benefits of technological developments in equipment and facility design in two contrasting sports Sport Football

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Describe the benefits of technological developments in equipment and facility design in two contrasting sports



Equipment Design features and benefits

Football boots are light weight and are made of such materials as kangaroo leather. Most top level players have sock-liners which fit with the contours of foot to provide extra comfort and strategically-placed traction blades provide maximum grip. Football boots help with a player grip, acceleration and turning ability.

Footballs have had technological advancements such as having air retention system, being high density and having a high abrasion surface which provides extra durability. The match balls played with in the premiership is precision engineered to exact standards to ensure that it is produced to within 3g of its ideal weight and to an exact circumference of 68.5cm. The benefits of the newer footballs are the increased swerve that the ball offers and a better accuracy of passing.

Gloves The latest pair of reusch goalie gloves helps to prevent injury to the goalies hands through reusch Ortho-Tec glove which provides protection for vulnerable areas of the hand. The glove’s upper hand is reinforced in a way that the fingers – including the thumb – are braced against forces occurring during a ball’s impact. The system not only prevents injuries, it is also suitable to disburden and protect an injury already sustained. Gloves have also been adapted to different weather conditions as well; gloves are made from soft latex foam with excellent properties for use in various weather conditions. Goalie gloves benefit the goalie by mainly by providing extra grip and power.

Shirts The material design of footballs shirts have improved to provide better comfort. The new Manchester United kit incorporates Nike’s new dri-fit technology. Dri wit wicks sweat away so that the player stays dry and comfortable. It also has strategically placed mesh panels that promote air cooling where heat is most generated.

Facility design features and benefits

Retractable roof – The millennium stadium in Cardiff has a retractable roof which means that the roof can be closed if the weather forecast predicts heavy rain. This benefits the game itself and the fans. It saves the fans from getting soaked and it saves the players having to slosh around in mud. Mostly cup finals are played at the Millennium stadium and the fans wish the game to be viewed on a nice good to firm ground not a wet one.

Undersoil heating – Is valuable asset and a must for all big football clubs. It can allow a team to play or train on a pitch that the weather would otherwise have made unusable or it can generally soften up the ground for training purposes.

Astroturf pitches – For training purposes Astroturf is of benefit to players because Astroturf is all weather, meaning that when the players unable to play on their training pitch die to water logging they can go and train on the Astroturf pitch instead.

Video Analysis – Andy Gray is probably the most renowned broadcast analyst in the football industry. He has a 30 minute slot after most live sky matches in which he practically dissects the game explaining the reasons goals were score and analysing player performance.



Equipment Design features and benefits

Racquets - Tennis has changed drastically since the huge investment in technological advancements the main one being the racquets. They now look completely different to those of 20 years ago, they are now lighter, and have larger faces and shorter shafts. This has created a larger sweet spot and has encouraged players to increase their power. By increasing power to a phenomenal level the game is often much shorter as the serve can kill a game off. This is mainly because the way in which the rackets have been made. This has made tennis players adjust everything about their game, from positioning, this is now further back for the serve, to two-handed return to try and increase power. The player now trains more on power based activity service technique.

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Trainers – Tennis shoes have changed greatly over the years. Reebok have recently developed the DMX technology. This is a sole that claims to reduce the stress on the legs and heels when running; it does this by shifting the force of the impact across a wider area on the foot. This material is also light and so is easy to run in and can help to improve performance. Another company big among tennis players is New Balance who also have their own suspension system. This consists of various different parts of a sole that all work together to reduce ...

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