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Report On the Impact of Technology

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FOR Mrs Bryant Head of Information and Communications Technology FROM Simon Amos Year 11 REF NEB/JR1 DATE 20 June 2001 REPORT ON THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY 1.0 TERMS OF REFERENCE On 20 June 2001, you instructed me to investigate the impact of technology on the world in which we live. I was to consider how technology has effected the employee, the employer and the way we work. I must consider the benefits and disadvantages of some of the changes and whether the world is a better or poorer place for having technology. I must also try to predict what is likely to happen in the future. 2.0 PROCEDURE In order to obtain the information required in the report, I need to complete the following research. 2.1 Collected information from the following books: This is IS, This is IT, Business Studies. 2.2 Used the following articles: IT in Banking, Social IT, IS and you, Computer aided design, IS at work. 2.3 Used the CD- Encarta encyclopaedia 1999 2.4 Researched some of the applications of technology using texts and the internet web sites such as Gapassociates.com, http://emea.idc.com. ...read more.


Also there is the maintenance of the computers and machines like when they break down it will cost the employer to get them fixed as well as him/her losing money because the machine is not doing the work in that time. I have already mentioned the cost of training for the employer but also when someone is made redundant by the employer they have to be paid compensation and this can also add up as more technology comes in and more people leave. 3.2.2 The location of the company can also be affected by technology, this is because the position of the company does not matter as much as it used to. This is because the company can now send messages by e-mail and fax so they do not have to wait a long time for important messages to get to there associates or customers. There can also be a down side to this however because the company may have to reorganise the way it handles the mails from the days when it was using pen and paper to the computer screen, this may also cost the employer money. 3.2.3 Staffing may also be a problem for the employer caused by the effects of technology. ...read more.


The employer benefits from faster and more work being done so the money the company makes is increased. The problems with doing this is that at first the company will have to pay a lot of money for the machines and computers that need to be brought in to make the company gain. Overall though there are more good points to computerisation in a company for both employers and employees. Their company will grow because of the impacts of technology and overall everyone will gain someway or another. 5.0 RECOMMENDATIONS As a result of my research on the effects of technology I think the following things are going to happen in the near future. I think that computers may take over the jobs of employees so much that employers may be the only people still working. I think this because technology has evolved so much over the last ten years that people are starting to find new uses for it and soon developers of computer equipment, software and hardware will discover computers that can do jobs that humans do better than humans. This means that it will be very hard for people who are not skilled in the art of computers to get jobs and even earn a living. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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