12 angry men is a production about a murder trial.

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Drama Unit 1

12 angry men is a production about a murder trial. A boy that could be looked on as guilty from the word go, is put up to the jury to decide his fait. The boy has a background of violence and crime and has been brought up in a slum. The jury is almost certain of the boys guilt. Every member of the jury votes guilty but ONE and so the jury is forced to sit it out and make a decision.

We started off the production by choosing who the director would be. In the director we looked for someone that was a good actor himself so that he could speak from personal experience. Also we wanted someone that people could respect and would give thought to his ideas. The people we chose to be or directors were Craig and Bill we chose Craig because of his talent as an actor. Craig has been a good director so far, we decided that Craig would be the director for act I. act I is full of key scenes that need to be presented to the audience in a understanding way. Bill was also chosen for the director of act II, bill was chosen because of his potential. I think because in the class work we have done he has shown really good initiative. For example in a piece of improvisation work he had the idea that if they turned all the lights off their words would have more of an impact and it did it worked like charm. He also has a good imagination I could see this when he was telling me what he would do as director.

We decided to choose the directors by secrete ballot.

Once the directors had been chosen it was audition time. We decided to let people audition for as many parts as they wanted so that they could be flexible.


We firstly decided who the foreman was going to be played by, what were we looking for hen we were auditioning, well the foreman I think is the kind of guy that wants to be like the 7th juror but he cant because he has been given the burden of being foreman, he shows this when he gets angry with the tenth juror, the tenth juror starts to argue with the foreman about how he is doing his job. He is not a good foreman because he doesn’t have natural leadership like 8th. The foreman soon gets very angry and starts to say how he doesn’t even want the job “listen you want to do it” and then again “unimportant you want to try it”. He is trying to shift the burden onto some one else. For the foreman we needed someone that had a friendly American accent, but also could get angry but still fall back to calm again. We practised this in a class where we went to high levels of anger to almost calm levels being lethargic. I was chosen as the foreman. I think I got into character well I think I put white socks on so that it would show that I was sporty but held back by the suit and the foreman appointment.

For juror number 2 we needed someone with an inquiring accent I think nick played this really he had a very good accent which gave me the impression that he was a good juror but he was an inexperienced one and therefore was very timid, “I never knew they locked the door” this shows how insecure he is and how inquiring the character is. 2nd is a person that goes along with the majority which means has no courage to stick up for what he believes in.

Juror number 3:

This juror is very relaxed at first knowing that a kid like his son is going to be locked up, he sees all young people like as his son. He is extremely prejudiced towards teenagers. He gets very angry when he realises that he wont be able to fry someone like his son. The third needs to be someone that can sustain anger through out the whole play, the 3rd juror is angry for 90% of the play. Humphrey was extremely good at playing this character because he could be angry but not need to shout. Most people when they get angry on stage get turned into shouting mode and then cant get out of it. Humphrey was great at telling his lines he went up and down in anger depending on what the juror was saying.

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Juror number 4

This man is a Well-educated, smug and conceited, well-dressed stockbroker. The 4th juror is a man that is exceedingly clever and very rational compared to the others trying to vote guilty, he shows no prejudice to the defendant and is very willing to listen to the other side of the argument unlike 3 and 10. 4th is played very well by ed Armstrong he really gets into character, he sits in the same position for over an hour just as the actor in the movie. Ed played his character to the movie which is a disappointment because I would ...

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