A comparison of the opening sections of 'the others' and the 'sixth sense.'

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A comparison of the opening sections of ‘the others’ and the ‘sixth sense.’ By Emily Batty 10-6

        The opening section of the sixth sense and the others has many similarities and many differences. The way in which a film begins has a great impact on the person watching it. It can affect their opinion on the film and even allow them to make presumptions on the storyline to follow.

The credits are the very first thing we see and therefore must catch our eyes.

        The credits for the ‘sixth sense’ are made simple but effectively. Coloured in black and white; they slowly emerge out towards you giving a sinister and deadly feel. As the main feature title; ‘the sixth sense’ is displayed a sweeping shadow is cast across the text. This creates thoughts in the minds of the audience that there is a supernatural presence.

        However, the credits of ‘the others’ are quite contrasting. They are intricate and captivating, grabbing the attention of the audience. There is a voice over of a woman; she tells you that she is going to read a story. As the story begins we see pictures, comparable to a storybook. They show two young children living in a house with their mother. A candle with a dim and flickering flame lights up the pages. This portrays the feeling you are being told a ghost story. As the last page is turned we see an old mansion house, the hand-drawn picture fade into reality, we then know this is where the story begins.

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        The music for ‘the others’ carries on in a similar style throughout the opening sections. It is very jerky and pronounced and there is a chorus of instruments such as violins. The music creates tension and when the level of suspense is increasing, the music gets faster to build the audience to a climax.

        The ‘sixth sense’ had a similar composition of music. Except in a bad situation the music stops completely. This is effective because it creates a build-up of anticipation and lets you know there is a presence of a hurtful ghost.

        The use of the ...

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