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A Guide to being an RNIB volunteer

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English Language Amy Grant Original Writing - Commentary A Guide to being an RNIB volunteer I decided to write this piece because over the past few months my mum has been involved in volunteering for the RNIB since we found out my Grandfather has a serious eye condition that could eventually leave him blind. The RNIB has been a great help to him and my family and so I feel strongly about the cause and know how important volunteering is. One of the problems the institute face is that there are not enough volunteers to meet the need, simply because people think there is nothing for them to do, or choose the wrong type of volunteer work and give up fairly soon. I felt an information leaflet informing new recruits about all the different types of volunteer work available at the RNIB would help them to decide which job to choose and thus encourage them to stay on longer. ...read more.


As a whole it has an informal, colloquial tone, which then adopts a more formal, serious tone when talking about serious issues, such as the specific requirements for each type of work. The colloquial language, for example "you'll be away" and "computer whiz kid." engages the reader and so persuades them to read on. To carry on this theme I generally use compound sentences and not complex sentences to prevent the piece sounding too formal. These are mainly declarative sentence as I am simply giving the audience information. The discourse structure is straightforward; the piece opens by highlighting the importance of volunteering and a basic introduction to volunteering follows. It then informs the reader about the different types of volunteer work with each type in a separate section. The text is clearly organised using and a very logical order of information, explained in the opening, sub-headings in each section and bullet points, on the contents page, making the text more manageable. ...read more.


I removed the imperative verb "Gain" and changed it to "You can gain" making the tone altogether more friendly and turned the piece's purposes back into inform. I also felt my piece was not as personal and did not directly address the audience, as I would have liked it to. I moved from a remotely formal "go into your local branch to see what they have to offer." To the informal "pop into your local branch and see what takes your fancy." Also to address the audience more personally I removed all the places where I had referred to the audience as "the volunteer" and changed it to the personal pronoun "you". When doing this I also changed how I referred to the RNIB staff. I Personalised the staff by using the first person plural "we", which gives an informal and relaxed feel. I even added some contractions such as "you'll be away" which helps to keep the friendly tone. Feedback from my target audience was positive. They felt it had a good recruitment style and commented on how the learned lots of new things about the RNIB and volunteering. Word Count, excluding quotes: 834?? ...read more.

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