A leaflet on Bullying.

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I will be designing a leaflet on bullying, I am doing this because I believe bullying is very dangerous and it should stop.

The Target audience for my leaflet will be the bullied person, I have chosen to target the bullied person as they will need help on what to do, how to do it, and who to go to for help if they are bullied.

I will design my leaflet into sections as this will be easy to carry around and will be clear for my target audience to read and understand.

I will try to make my leaflet very colourful and eye-catching as I will want more people to read it.

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In my leaflet I will include:

  • Headings- Headings are essential to use as they be noticeable and make it clear what the leaflet is about
  • Colour- I will include colour as this will make my leaflet eye-catching, and stand out from the other leaflets, leading to my target audience wanting to read the leaflet.
  • Pictures- I will include pictures of children who have been bullied in the past, so my target audience, will empathise for the bullied people and try to prevent bullying.
  • Bullet points- To make clear what I am ...

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