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A Prayer for Owen Meany was performed at the National Theatre

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A Prayer for Owen Meany was performed at the National Theatre on the 20th of June. The play A Prayer for Owen Meany is about the power of religious belief and the power of believing in yourself and in the people that surround you. The purpose of the play was to help you take a drastic look at your own belief and how you react towards it and how your religion affects your daily life and responsibilities. It forces you to take leaps of faith by showing us something that is not actually real, and in doing this it makes you ask yourself if its possible to deny the existence of a God. The subplot of the play was about being different and how people around you can treat you because of this. It focused on how he was treated and discriminated against because of his voice, which never broke, and because of his body. The most important character in the play was Meany who was used as a means of exposing not just the hypocrisies of small town life but also the larger follies of post-war America. He was also used as the means and weapon for the death of his friend's (John Wheelwright) ...read more.


figure out who we should really be listening to and who was just background noise Mainly John used the voice projection in the play when he was narrating; the voice projections caught our attention and let us know that he was the one whom we should be listening to. The accent that was used in the play was an American accent, even though all their accents showed that they were from different parts of America, this alerted us immediately to where the play was taking place, it also gave the characters basis and foundation to a certain background and history. Owen's parents, in the play, had an Irish accent and an obviously Irish background, which helped to push them outside the play and allowed us to accept them as outsiders and it let us realise that they were not part of the typically society that was around in the play. Although the play was not meant to be a comedy there was a slight amount of humour, which was dark humour, it was funny but in a horrific way. This humour lightened the load of the subject of religious belief and of faith that was being delivered by Owen Meany. ...read more.


So that's why it was so minimalistically staged and appears to be very simple. Of course simple is not an easy staging to work with, however it allowed the audiences imagination to take place in the play. Te entire play took part as a flashback, a memory that was being recalled upon by John Wheelwright, inside his flashback many different techniques were used, for example slow-motion was used to create a moment of tension and theatrics, it caused to audience to be on the edge of their seats waiting with anticipation and baited breath to find out what would finally happen. Another technique used was atmosphere, it was used to make us feel more like we were watching a baseball game, or looking at a thanksgiving dinner. The type of lighting that was used created atmosphere in most of the play, this was also true with the type of sounds that the actors projected into the audience. In my opinion the best part of the play was how Owen integrated a simple basketball move to save the life of his friend john and several helpless children. I felt this held a powerful message as he did this while sacrificing his own life n the process ...read more.

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