An analysis of an interview - Jeremy Paxman interviews the Prime Ministers: A Newsnight special.

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‘An analysis of an interview –    Jeremy Paxman interviews the Prime Ministers – 2nd June ‘03’

An analysis of an interview – Jeremy Paxman interviews the Prime Ministers: A Newsnight special.


This interview is about a very high profile event. The Iraqi crisis, which involves just about every political nation, has effect many countries in one-way-or-another. Some people have said it is a good thing, i.e. getting rid of the regime - which I might add is a good thing - but also some people have suggested that there was no need for the war, and that it was a bad thing, especially due to the fact that many innocent people have died because of this war.

Jeremy Paxman did an interview with the Prime Minister Tony Blair. From previous interviews taken by Jeremy Paxman, I can say that he is a very aggressive interviewer. He will interrupt his guest in mid-sentence, just to get his point in.

As this is on television, I think that it is worthwhile talking about the setting, as if the setting is right, the audience will actually listen more too.

Well the first type of setting I noticed was before the programme actually started. A short trailer came on, and was about the crisis on Iraq. It was a very powerful trailer, involving captions, which were of the past wars. These captions gave me a taste of what war was actually like, and possible what could have been in store for this war. I call this a part of the setting as it brings the interview into the audience’s mind. I think that putting in trailer just before the programme was a clever tactic, as it introduced the programme, and also showed us what could have possible been in store for us, if the U.N decode to go to war.

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The actual introduction of the programme followed this short trailer. The introduction was very dramatic, and included clips of very high profile people, such as George Bush, Tony Blair and Saddam Hussein – the triangle of this crisis. This immediately said to me that this programme was going to be very professional, and that it would be a very important interview. I say this as those people have made every ones life what it is today – they are the people with the power to make change in this world. As well as having high profile faces on the interview, ...

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