Analyse how the opening sequence of 'Halloween' captures the attention of the audience.

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        Analyse how the opening sequence of ‘Halloween’ captures the attention of the audience you should consider such aspects as

*codes and conventions

*how suspense and tension are built up

*how outside influences effect the film

        “Gore isn’t essential for good horror, atmosphere is so much more important to successful execution of horror,” John Carpenter (director of ’Halloween’).

         ’Halloween’ is a prime example of atmospheric horror, it can make the audience scared without resorting to the gore used in most recent horror movies. Good atmospheric horror is so rare that audiences enjoy the expertise of well thought out plot, suspense and atmosphere, ‘Psycho’ utilises this technique excellently due to the restrictive codes and conventions of the 1960’s this has resulted in ‘Psycho’ being classified as a cult film. ’Halloween’ was produced in 1978 during the ’Slasher’ era, which was governed by a broader set of codes and conventions brought about by audience expectations of visual horror and special effects.

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        ‘Halloween’ brings together the influence of plot and suspense from earlier films such as ‘Psycho’ with the audience demands for visual horror which the emerging special effects make-up could bring to the screen.

         Music is an essential part of atmospheric horror as it builds up tension and suspense also sudden loud noises can shock the audience. ’Halloween’ has an unique piano theme tune which is used often in the opening sequence, throughout the film and even in the sequels. Music plays an important role in enforcing intentions and actions upon the audience. The theme tune is used straight away ...

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