Analyse the opening sequence of "Twister"

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Analyse the opening sequence of “Twister”

The title of the film is “Twister”. It comes from the action/drama genre. The director of the film is Jan De Bont. The film “Twister” has a very short story line but has incredible scenes of special effects. The film is about the young girl Jo who grows old and becomes interested in hurricanes because her father died in a hurricane. Jo and her ex husband Bill who is a meteorologist chase tornadoes. He decided to give up chasing tornadoes to become a weather man. Bill gets the divorce papers signed by Jo. But Bill is drawn back to pursuing tornadoes because Jo decides to use his idea of sensors. Bill’s idea was tracking tornado activity using small sensors. They get caught in danger dropping the tub of sensors and escaping out of the way of the tornado at the last moment.

The opening credits are made up of three shots of titles and one of the main title. The backgrounds of the titles are dark and gloomy. Clouds swirl around faster and faster and some lightening. These features emphasise the gathering thunderstorm. This background runs throughout the opening credits. The music throughout the opening credits is a menacing rumble which emphasises the danger, power, force and something is going to happen. Special effects are used on the main title. The main title “Twister” appears in large block capital letters. The letters suddenly disperse like leaves all over the screen and only the impression of the word remains. This emphasises the hurricane destroying and blowing away everything in its path. This gives the viewer an image of the hurricane. These opening credits show a quick, dramatic message to the audience giving them an idea of what the film is about.

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The first shot is of the landscape and is shown in a series of shots. The first shot is of an oil drill. The next is of an iron bridge in front of the sunset and the last is of the gathering thunderstorm rolling across the prairie. The sky is dark and gloomy. The music of the last shot changes from a peace and quiet to the rumble of the storm. The first two shots are peaceful and quiet. The peace is soon broken by the arrival of the gathering storm and the rumbling. The camera performs a steep ...

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