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Analysis of 3 minute clip

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Fantastic Four The mise-en-scene of the clip provides the audience with the harsh, extreme setting you would expect to find in an action/adventure movie. The establishing shot shows the vastness of the mountain range and displays to the viewer the severe weather conditions in which the characters are in, by displaying two of the main ...read more.


The weather and setting determines the mood of the characters as it is clear they are having an adrenaline rush and are excited at the prospect of taking part in such a dangerous sport therefore displaying not only their bravery but also that they are not afraid of taking on things which are risky and potentially very harmful. ...read more.


The deep space of the scene shows the characters and how fast they are moving down the side of the mountain, the contrast in costumes is shown as the camera tracks the two characters skiing down the side of the mountain as the camera is tracking them the costumes stand and out and make it easy to differentiate between the ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Jones 05/07/2007 ...read more.

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