As a director, outline and justify your approach to a production of "Lysistrata" staged in your chosen performance space:

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As a director, outline and justify your approach to a production of the play staged in your chosen performance space:

As a director I place as much importance on my performance space as I do on the text and the actors. I feel that a performance space is integral to the impact that the play has upon the audience and the messages and ideas that the play presents.

The overall approach I have chosen to take is a stylistic one that does not attempt to be realistic in its style of acting. In this sense this would keep in with Aristophanes intentions for when this play was originally performed. This is due to the fact in Aristophanes’ time the play would have been performed to a huge audience of up to 17,000 people and the amphitheatres were so vast many were not close enough to see things such as smaller set details and facial expression. Therefore Greek playwrights could not expect to be able to create realistic scenes on stage and therefore had to make the acting style and set design much more exaggerated. With this in mind I have chosen to take a Brechtian approach to emphasis the anti-war and feministic messages contained within the play. Therefore I have chosen to keep my stage fairly simplistic but symbolic, so as not to distract from this message.
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In designing my set I was influenced by Berkoff and his fascination with constructivism. I consequently decided to incorporate a constructivist feel to parts of my set. Whilst watching Berkoff’s 1970 production of ‘The Trial’ I found that their use of physical objects to box in people was incredibly effective. I was inspired by this when I designed my acropolis, that would be positioned at the back of my stage. I allowed it open, similar to the doors in the Skene in ancient Greek times. This would allow the women to look out from the acropolis to what ...

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