Balm in Gilead Critique

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Robert St. John        

Mr. Hamilton Armstrong

Theatre 1020-03

March 15, 2001

Balm in Gilead Critique

        The first thing that struck me about this play was the title Balm in Gilead.  I had no idea what this meant.  Yet, I still do not know what the title means, but now I understand the plot of the performance.  The second I heard the name of play I thought this was going to be some boring old play that has nothing to do with today’s society.  Well, I guess I should never judge a book by its cover or therefore a play by its title.  This play made me realize that theatre is not as boring as I thought it was.  It showed that plays can be realistic to today’s troubles, and not just some artsy performance that has to be seen ten times for you understand it.  It had just about every type of situation in the performance from prostitutes, thieves, drag queens, drug dealers, drunks, and just straight up dope head bums.  

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        This was the second time that I had attended a play in the Claude Shaver Theatre, but this time there was a different set up.  The other play I had attended was The Trojan Women in which they had a thrust, which went from the main stage to the back of the house.  This was most of the acting took place, except for a few scenes where the actors were in the aisles.  In Balm in Gilead there was surreal sense of being in the play.  The actors move fluently throughout the house, and while the main acting took place on stage, ...

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