Compare and contrast the 'Jerry Springer show' with 'Kilroy' and write an analysis of your findings

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Compare and contrast the ‘Jerry Springer show’ with ‘Kilroy’ and write an analysis of your findings


It seems that every time the television is turned on, there seem to be various talk shows being broadcast. They are hard to avoid, short of not turning on the television. Among the more popular ones are Jerry Springer and Kilroy. There are many similarities and differences between the two talk shows.

Both these talk shows make use of airwaves to send their messages and they offer a range of topics, debates and controversial issues as part of the shows. They both therefore can contribute to ones knowledge. However, both the talk shows are as different as they can be.

An immigrant from England in the forties, when he was a very young child, Jerry Springer has become an all-American, all-singing all-dancing celebrity.

The Jerry Springer show is normally broadcast in the late evenings and normally lasts for about 45 minutes. The show normally begins with chants of ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.’ The camera moving around wildly amongst the audience zooming in and out and a voiceover introducing the host by announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, the eighth wonder of the world, Jerry Springer.” The audience then begin chanting ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.’ Various camera angles and shots are used to emphasise and dramatise the action so creating a tense atmosphere.

The show tries to cover several issues but are not the central issues affecting our society. Issues such as ‘your lover belongs to me’ or ‘sex secrets revealed’ are typical subjects seen regularly. The guests who appear on the show usually reflect the stories covered in the way that they talk and behave. Some come on the stage half dressed and sometimes they come on swearing at the audience. Security guards are always present and are used to control both the guests, and the audience. The guests are normally sat on a stage on chairs, whilst the audience are seated in rows away from the guests, creating an atmosphere of watching a show rather than somewhere where serious issues are being dealt with and debated. This sets up a scene of confrontation-audience versus the guests.

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        Typically guests appear, usually to reveal a secret, a heated ‘discussion’ develops, and then the fights begin. Chairs are tossed, hair is pulled, and punches are thrown. The audience at this stage normally eggs the guests on with chants of ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.’ Anyone invited to be a guest on the show has to know that any news they receive will be bad, such as the lover is gay, a porn star, cheating on them, is not the gender they believed, etc. Guests that appear on the show can be male, female and are from different backgrounds and ethnicity. When ...

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