Compare the production of the crucible to the film.

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The Crucible Oral

My task was to compare the production of the crucible to the film.

The things I had to compare were lighting, camera angles (only applies to the film), dramatic parts, characters and atmosphere effects.


In the play, at the start, the lighting was used to create a spooky atmosphere, which I thought was very good as the crucible is a spooky play. Lanterns hanging from the ceilings with a dim light made this effect. The audience would feel shivers as they could only see the actors faces. The rest of the body of each actor and actress was covered by the darkness, by the rest of the stage.

     The second scene was well done using the light effect. The whole of Proctors house was dark and gloomy. The light source came from a burning fire, which was at the front of the stage and an open back door at the back. The effect was that the audience would feel cold, as the stage temperature looked cold, and this was done as a symbol to show how Goody Proctor felt when she was accused of being a witch. The darkness matched the atmosphere.

     In the third scene, the light was coming from two windows in the courtroom. This meant that the light was just strong enough for the audience to see. This matched the stage atmosphere as things were not looking too bright for John Proctor. The darkness reinforced the gloominess. The outside light was also gloomy, which shows nothing is right around Abigail.

     In the final scene, only the centre of the stage was lit. This again shows gloominess. Prison cells are supposed to be dark so they don’t look pleasant, and with the dim light, this reinforced that. The audience should feel that the life of John Proctor is near an end.

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In the film at the start, the setting was pitch black, with the source of light coming from the huge, vicious fire. Just like the production, the film had a gloomy and horror atmosphere to it. To the viewer, this would seem a dramatic opening scene which catches the interest and eye of the people watching.

     There is no light effect when Proctor is being taken to the place of execution. To the viewer, this would seem like a symbol of how Proctor felt. He wouldn’t have seen any hope in surviving. The rain gave the audience ...

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