Comparing 2 different A.D.Ps and showing how they fit into the genre.

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Comparing 2 different A.D.Ps and showing how they fit into the genre

A.D.P stands for Audience Discussion Programme. They come in all shapes and sizes and every one of them is different in its own way. For example, Jerry Springer has an audiences facing one or two people who have come on the show because they have a problem or want to say something but then you have Kilroy which has the host wandering around the audience getting their opinion on the subject.

I am going to compare two different A.D.Ps, Kilroy and Jerry Springer. These two are completely different. From the topics on the shows, to the sets to the way the audience participate. I am going to look at all these points in detail.

First of all the two shows are based in different countries meaning that there are different standards. Kilroy is based in England so there is no violence on the show. But Jerry Springer is based in America and over there violence is a popular thing to see on Television. Also the language used is very different. In Kilroy there is not swearing or foul language whereas in Jerry Springer there is frequent swearing and foul language although when it is shown over here in England it is censored out due to television standards.

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The set in both shows is very different. In Kilroy there is one big set of seating and that is all you see. This is because the people are all you’re meant to see. They are participating in the show so that’s all that needs to be shown. In Jerry Springer there is a stage where all the action happens. It is there to look like the front room of someone’s house to make people think that this is what happens inside peoples houses all the time. On the stage one or two people at a time sit in ...

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