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Comparison between the film gladiator and the poster The poster for the film gladiator is a form of still media

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Comparison between the film gladiator and the poster The poster for the film gladiator is a form of still media. They have done this poster to draw people's interest to watching the film. I believe that they have used some very effective techniques which in my opinion work very well together. The words in the caption 'a hero will rise' are all affirmative. I think the word 'hero' is very effective because when I read the word 'hero' I visualise a person who is admired for doing something very brave or great in the film. The word 'will' is effective after 'hero' because this implies that a person incline on doing something great or brave. ...read more.


The font of the caption takes up half of the poster this also shows that it is the most important thing. The lighter colours on the poster in my opinion have been use on the font because they want to catch our eyes on the caption as it is the 'story' of the film. Additionally on the poster there is a picture of the gladiator which is in the centre. This picture is in shadow from light to dark. My view on this is that the central image will rise from h**l to heaven. The caption is above the gladiator. My assumptions on this are that the gladiator will do what the caption says, he will rise from the shadow of h**l. ...read more.


Besides the gladiator being the central image the smoke around him is also effective as it indicates him rising which again links with the caption. The murky effect behind him has a big impact on the person itself as it makes him look more mysterious. Moreover the coliseum on the poster gives it a more roman effect. With the coliseum higher than the gladiator it makes it look like he is going to fight in the coliseum. This also gives the audience an idea on the genre of the film. This also gives the audience an idea on where the setting of this film is. The sepia effect on the poster gives it an old aged feel. This is effective because it gives the audience an idea that it was set in the past age. ...read more.

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