Create the opening sequence of a new thriller

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 Media essay: part 1

I have been assigned is to create the opening sequence of a new thriller approximately two minutes in duration aimed at fifteen to eighteen year olds.    

Thrillers, what is a thriller?

Essentially thrillers are films that primarily are focused on creating tension. Thriller filmmakers create tension through the use of various techniques and placing their characters in peculiar and precarious situations. I.E. the protagonist is pursued by a serial killer, the film will generally be an account of the events which led to the villain becoming the villain, it then proceeds to the hero or heroine discovering the killer and then concludes with the hero or heroine attempting to escape from the villains clutches or trying to bring them to justice.

One can argue that this is the definition of a thriller; I was able to locate this information through the use of Internet search engines such as, ‘Google’ or ‘Ask Jeeves’. They were the effective in providing me with the relevant information thus enabling me to contribute relevant and useful information towards this assignment.

 Now I have established what a thriller is I will discuss what audiences find so captivating about them. Perhaps the element of fear and fantasy attracts the audience towards these films.  

One of thrillers, which I have utilised in my research, which possesses these elements, is Stanley Kubrick’s, “Clock work Orange”. Kubrick was renowned for his production of shocking and innovative thrillers prior to his demise. “Clockwork Orange” produced in 1971 explores the themes of violence extensively.            

Set in a future Britain, decrepit and reactionary, it cuts close to the bone when it comes to Englishness. Alex is the aesthetic hooligan, a sci-fi Mod, a Regency dandy who stalks the Thamesmead housing estate before going home to the grotesque working class kitsch of his parents. Perhaps it’s the reality of the setting of the film, which made it such a memorable masterpiece and the accessibility towards the working classes due to the fact it explores their mundane environments and presents them in a shocking and innovative way. Directed with assurance and filled with the cynicism, paranoia, visual flair (and lurid titillation) that characterised so much of his work, this is vintage Kubrick and classic cinema.

 Our film is aimed at individuals between the age group of the fifteen to twenty five, both male and female with a taste who liked to be shocked and disturbed. However before we can commence work we must be aware of the guidelines which we must follow in order to fit into the fifteen age certificate category of film.

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. Is able to show mild nudity

. Adult and offensive language can be used moderately.

. Explicit scenes of violence can also be used moderately

. References to drugs are slightly restricted

The eighteen-year-old film category provides film makers with the ability of having to follow limited to guidelines which is why films which fall into the eighteen year old category are those which utilise all of the points mentioned above frequently. Our groups main goal was to focus on finding out what audiences looked for in a thriller, what scared them what did they expect of the killer, how would he or ...

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