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This story is set in the future and relates to people acting in an abnormal and obscured way. It challenges your mind to why these people act and are so different during the night. When during the day it seems so normal and a busy day. It is as though you can predict these people’s day-to-day routines. What seems to posse them to act so different towards the night?

  Leonard is walking in a deserted place. It is awfully quiet he can only hear his own footsteps. It is a misty evening. There spears to be no-one else waking during the night. He approaches to be very different he doesn’t conform. He makes out to be an outsider doesn’t necessarily fit in. Leonard feels lonely his not married and wants company. He used to be a writer an imaginative man. So from here you understand why he misses the company and feels lonely.

  He seems to be wondering alone the empty streets, when everyone else is so focused and tuned in to their viewing screens. Apparently he is the only one that seems to be so distant from a viewing screen infact he doesn’t he even own one. This where you can see how he is different to other people in the story.

  As he is wondering the lonely empty night on his own. He is walking and is surrounded by his own thoughts. A police car all of a sudden approaches him. The police man questions him, because he is the only person outside on his own. He is seen as an outsider and considered mental from the stories point of view. He is then arrested and taken to a psychiatric centre.

Leonard seems to be a different and odd character in this story. He is firstly notified as the only person who walks every night on his own. While everyone else in the city is watching their viewing screens. He is at odds with the society he can’t or doesn’t fit in. Leonard is an imaginative person he used to be a writer so he is open minded and different. One thing, which made me see the dissimilarity between Leonard and the other people, was when the policeman questioned him.  

‘And you have a viewing screen in you house to see with?’


   This had attracted me to the fact that Leonard had no contrast with the other people in the city he seemed to be living in a world of his own.  I can elaborate on the fact that he was living in the past because from the story he was the only person whom owned a house with their lights all brightly lit.

All of its electric lights brightly lit

While everyone else in the city of 3million people had their lights off and the casting shadows of whatever they watched on the viewing screens appearing on the walls. Leonard had all his lights on.

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 As Leonard is walking a leaf alarms him.

 A normal person wouldn’t be so disturbed or alarmed by a leaf.

Autumn leaves

But this leaf and the veins on it however fascinate Leonard, as he believes it is the only thing living in dead city.


The city’s atmosphere is almost a character in itself. It appears to be very peculiar at night it seems so quiet, hushed and motionless. There appears to be empty streets. But however during the day it seems so normal and busy. Its like they are caught up in a trance, ...

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