'Damiola' & 'Boys Alone'.The two documentaries are both very effective, it lots of different ways. Camera angles and editing enphasize things

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A documentary focuses on and questions actual people and events, often in a social context, thus placing the audience in a position to form an opinion about whom or what we are seeing. They are entertaining, persuading and provoking us and mainly focus on one topic. There are many types of documentaries, they include reportage: ‘The girl who’s skin fell off.’ Reality: ‘Big brother.’ Institutional: ‘Jamie’s school dinners’ Docudramas: ‘Supernanny’ Docusoaps: ‘simple life’ and Nature: ‘Big cat week’

Every documentary has the same codes and conventions, they are all factual, real life, informative, prove a point, include contextual information and they all have a narrator or a presenter.

Documentaries have changed over time, they date back to the early newsreels and early films as many of the first films were short factual pieces about every day life. With the outbreak of the 1st world war documentaries took a different turn by being used as propaganda. Creative documentaries began to develop after the war, dramatic content was pulled from facts and information. These types of documentaries are similar to the documentaries that we know and watch today.

Boys alone is a docudrama documentary, it combines elements of documentary and drama, to some extent showing real events.

It is a documentary of an English social experiment in which 10 eleven-year old boys are invited to be "home alone" without adult supervision for a week in a suburban house. The film tests the common belief that a pack of boys left together in a house for a long period of time, will self-destruct, similar to Lord of the Flies.

The documentary opens with the camera showing the house where the boys will be staying, it used techniques that show the calmness and tidiness of the house before the boys arrive, such as a low angle show to make the house look big, and a slow panning shot to sow the calmness. The narrator introduces us to the program and what it is about, he sets up the story. For example, he says ‘The camera men will only step in cases of health and safety’ and that the boys have all had an intense first aid and cooking course and that they can ring a councillor that they have met prior to the show at anytime. This is contextual information. The narrator also begins to introduce us to some of the characters so we can begin to follow them on their journey. This makes us want to watch on, the narrator says that George was first to take a picture and that Daniel got the biggest water pistol. This makes us want to see why they did, and what there characters are like.

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The camera angles are very effective in the opening scene, when the boys enter the house there is a long shot and looking down. The boys are framed by the door, this in a way shows that they are small but it shows there importance. This makes us want to watch and see all of there personalities. The camera is hand held and begins to follow some of the boys’ paths of destruction around the house.

 There is a very effective camera angle/shot that is used when sim is at the table eating dinner alone. The camera is at ...

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