Describe and evaluate your rehearsal process

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Describe and evaluate your rehearsal process

As we rehearsed our performance we realised that certain sections in our piece didn’t work with others which resulted in our performance not capturing the audience’s attention as much as we would like. To resolve this problem we went over and talked about our piece highlighting the sections we thought were causing the problem. The scenes which we thought caused the problem were as follows:  The opening scene which was the tour guide as this beginning wasn’t very dramatic which we thought wouldn’t create much interest. We felt it is better to have a powerful opening as it grabs the attention from the audience which makes them more excited about what is going to follow in the performance.

Following the tour guide the next thing that we thought we could improve on was the first dance. This consisted mainly of ballet moves which didn’t help us with what we wanted to show the audience. We decided to choreograph a more contempory dance as there would be more symbolism within it which we hoped the audience would pick up on easier than the original dance also contemporary dance is quite original with its moves so the audience may find this more interesting to watch as it’s quite a change from commonly known dances.

We were going to use this dance as the opening scene so wanted to make it dramatic and exciting for the audience. As our hidden message is ‘life’s too short’, we feel this portrays a sense of time, so we thought that we could choreograph a dance to show how time is moving on. We used a stimulus to help us create this dance it was Dali, Salvador’s ‘melting clocks’. This picture gave an essence of time moving as when looking at the picture it seems the melting clocks are moving while they are melting.

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Our dance consists of sharp isolated movement like the background of the picture and quite flowing movements like the melting clocks. Having sharp and flowing moves created contrast in the dynamics and breaks up the music as we used very repetitive music. The music was also quite deep with a distinctive beat which was like the beating of a clock. We liked this music as it gave a creepy edge to the beginning of our performance. We emphasised the idea of time in the dance by isolating our arms. We used them as hands on a clock which would tick ...

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