Development phase Paper 1 Unit 1

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Daniel James

Drama Coursework

Development phase Paper 1 Unit 1

‘The Interrogation’

  The story is set on board a ship full of convict’s and officers on a voyage to Australia because their country has lost the war to France and the prisons in England are overcrowded so the convicts have to be shipped out.

  It is halfway through the voyage, 3 months after they had left and convicts grew increasingly hungry as food was very limited on board the ship. Because of this I have decided to base my script on food (stealing of bread). It starts off with convict 1 eating some bread which she has stolen, I have used this because convicts were very hungry and some would risk everything to get some food. Whilst she is eating the bread, convict 2 appears who is perceived to have higher status as she snatches the bread off convict 1 and then convict 1 realises about her lack of status and realises that she isn’t going to get the bread back so she leaves the stage. Two officers then appear on stage and the status is shifted again to the two officers, this is shown by the convict going to a lower level when the officer brings her to her knees to be whipped and then at the end of the script she is brought right down onto the floor as she has now been killed, thus giving her absolutely no status at all.

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 The convicts’ names in the script, I believe are not that important as on the ship the convicts were just thought as worthless prisoners by the officers and their names aren’t really that important however the Officers are given names in the script as I believe they have higher status over the convicts and I think that they would be called by their names. The first character that appears is Convict 1, this character is a convict with fairly low status but she believes that she is quite powerful until she gets put down by Convict 2. This character ...

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